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Scholarship Application :(
Hi!! I was recently completing my Loran Scholarship application and the portion that asks which university you want to attend says individuals chosen as Loran Scholars are expected to leave their home region???? I was planning to go to the university in my city but if I were to win this scholarship would I have to go somewhere else?? I understand there are different loran awards (some win $80000 and some win a couple thousand for being a finalist) so would I become ineligible to win any awards?
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Schulich Award
I was going to apply for the Schulich scholarship however I noticed that the eligibility says that students cannot be going into medicine or medical research. I am not sure what I will be going into after my science degree however I wanted to keep my options open. I read some articles about past winners and some of them said that they want to pursue medicine. If someone ended up pursuing medicine after would they revoke the award?
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Inquiry for scholarship and grants for mature student

I am looking for information for scholarship and grants for mature students in Alberta.

I'd appreciate for your assistance.



Can I Get a McGill Scholarship?
Hi everybody, I am interested in the Biological, Biomedical, Life Sciences field at McGill, which I saw last year, cutoffs were 93.8%. I was wondering if any of you can give me any sort of guidance as to whether or not I have the chance of getting accepted and a scholarship? 

 My grade 11 marks are: 
Chemistry: 88 
Physics: 85 
Pre-Calculus 11: 97 
English: 95 
Social Studies: 92 
Religion: 94 
French: 90 
Planning: 94 
Average: 91.8%

 My grade 12 marks are: 
Pre-calculus 12: 100 
Calculus: 93 
Chemistry: 96 
English: 94 
AP Psychology: 98 
Religion: 99 
Physical Education: 100 
Biology: 91 
Average: 96.3 
My top 5 academics are Chem, Pre-Calc, English, AP Psychology and Biology, giving me an average of 95.8. 

 For extracurriculars, ive been on my school’s general student council for two years, and now am in the executive student council for my final year of high school. I also take part in various clubs and volunteer at a hospital regulary, along with other organizations. 

 Is the likelihood of me getting accepted into that field, let alone McGill, knowing how competitive it is, likely? Along with receiving a scholarship even though my grade 11 marks arent as high? Also, despite biology being my lowest mark, would that affect my acceptance into that field of study? I’m going to be writing another test soon, so hopefully I do well on that to boost up my mark prior to my application. I’ve been stressing out about this for the longest time, so any source of guidance will help out greatly! 

 Thank you!
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LORAN 2019
Has anyone heard back about the semi finals interviews yet? Especially people from the GTA?
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My Scholarship Tips
Hey guys, I’ve been spending a lot of time lately doing research on the best way to find and apply to scholarships. Thought I’d share my findings :)   

Where to look:        
     1. Scholarship Websites:
               - https://scholartree.ca (I really like this one)
               - https://yconic.com/money-for-school (of course :) )               
               - http://scholarshipscanada.com (lots of scholarships, but kinda hard to use)       
     2. Guidance counsellors. Ask them about any local scholarships available.       

     3. Parent’s workplace. Your parent’s company might offer a scholarship, and if they do it’s likely that they don’t get many applications.  Also a good idea to ask your parents to ask their friends if their company provides a scholarship.    

     4. Financial Aid website for schools that you’re interested in. Should be able to find it easily with Google.   

Application tips:      
     - Even if you don’t think you 100% qualify, still apply. Apparently a lot of scholarships don’t get a lot of applications so you still might have a good chance at winning!
     - Make a calendar of application deadlines and plan which ones you'll apply to that way you don't miss any. I used Google calendar so I could set reminders.
Dating: Long Distance
PLEASE READ! Long distance relationships are not what they are portrayed to be. They are not as hard, emotionally draining, or as impossible as people assume. Right now, I am living 3 hours away from my boyfriend (who plays a varsity sport). We see each other once or twice a month. We are both happy, both with room to live our own lives but always being able to catch up at the end of the night. We still love each other, nobody has been unfaithful, and it is relatively easy. The time we spend together is always quality time, and I do not regret staying with him.If you love someone and think you they could be the person for you, go for it. The worst that could happen is that it doesn't work out and you part ways. It is entirely possible, do not give up just because of what you THINK might happen.

Pros of a long distance relationship...
1. The time you spend together is really exciting and precious
2. You have the freedom to be yourself and make friends on your own terms
3. You always have lots to talk about with your S/O because you're apart during the day
4. It tests whether the relationship is really worth it
5. Meeting their new friends means more friends for you!
6. Sex/physical intimacy is so much better when you've been waiting for it
7. It will show you how much your partner really values you
8. You don't need to pick between your friends and partner during the week
9. It helps keep you focused

I hope that this helped anyone that needed to hear it.
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Yconic Sold to Data Gathering Company
So I noticed Yconic has been getting worse and worse over the past couple months. Links literally don’t work, all the info seems out of data and loads of other problems so I decided to do some Googling and may have found the answer.


It turns out Yconic sold to Canada largest company for polling and market research. I always wondered how much Yconic was selling my data, well now I don’t since it is owned by a company whose only job it seems is to get information from people and sell it to other companies.
Is SHAD worth it?
Hi all,
So SHAD application is rolling around and I was wondering if it is worth it. Like do Universites actually like this or is it fun at least? Also, do you have to live on campus for SHAD or can you commute there? 

Basically, can anyone tell me is SHAD worth it? That is my main question.
1st Year McMaster Health Science Student. Ask me Questions!!!!!
Hey, everyone! I am in first year and attending McMaster University for their Bachelor of Health Sciences Honours program! I remember using yconic a lot while I was in high school, so I thought it would only be fair to help incoming freshmen out, just like how I was!

Feel free to ask me any questions that pertain to McMaster’s Health Sciences program of course, as well as another other burning questions you may have!!

 Below, I am just going to list some general information that would probably be asked:

 Programs I applied to: (accepted to all)
 • McMaster Health Science
 • McMaster Life Science
 • McMaster Integrated Science
 • Western Medical Science
 • Guelph Biomedical Science
 • Queens Science

 Grade 12 marks: (classical, academic courses. Not AP or IB)
 • Biology: 99%
 • Advanced Functions: 99%
 • Calculus: 97%
 • Chemistry: 95%
 • English: 95%
 • World Issues Geography: 98%
 Average ~ 97%

 Extra Curriculars: (as an aside, I really encourage doing extra curriculars if you can handle it without them affecting your grades! looks great on scholarship applications!)
 • President of Student Council
 • President of Best Buddies program
 • President of Band Council
 • Captain of Badminton Team
 • Leader of Freshmen Orientation

 Many of the scholarships I won were for personal activism, student leadership, and academics. Totalling around $90,000. If you have any questions on filling out applications, please let me know!

 Please, ask me anything that I have not gone over! You guys got this, you’re going to succeed and get into whatever program your heart desires! I know it can be a struggle, but don’t be afraid to show this world what you’re made of! 

Good luck to you all, much love!
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First Year Western Med Sci and Scholar’s Elective Student: AMA :)
I’m a first year Western Med Sci student in scholars electives too, ask me anything and I will try to answer! 

I used this site like crazy last year, time to give back :)

Programs accepted to:
- Western Med Sci + SE
- Mac Life Sci
- University of Toronto Life Sci + Trinity College
- Queens Science

Rejected from:
- Mac Health Sci

- Research 
- Exec positions for a few clubs 

- UofT: C. David Naylor University Scholarship ($20,000) --> I didn't accept it sadly :(
- All entrance scholarships based on average (no apps necessary)
- Rejected from: Loran
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Anyone trust those survey scholarships?
There are so many offered 'scholarships' that are actually just links to survey websites. Has anyone dine one that actually works?
4 vs 4+
What's the difference on a rubric. The method for tests and exams are straightforward but I'm wondering just for projects and assignments.
Horatio Alger Scholarship
Does anyone know what is on the horatio alger support form? Its to be completed by someone over the age of 21 and it says that this person should verify your adversity. I was wondering what else is on it such as reference or questions about who I am as a person? I was thinking of getting my assostant principal to do it for me since I have talked to her about my circumstances however if it contains any other questions about what i am like, my involvement, and my character, she might not be the best to fill it out for me because she does not know all of it.
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Extra curricular activities and Early acceptance questions
I just started grade 11 and my grade 10 average when I wasn’t trying that much because I have a problem with pocastination was 89% I heard that you need an extra curricular activity for scholarships and acceptance and since I don’t have any is joining the eco club considered one, if so is it a good one? And also I used to work for student council in grade 9 but had to quit since I changed schools. The final question I wanted to ask was if it is possible for me to get an average of 95 in grade 11 if I worked hard or maybe even atleast higher than 90%
Courses for grade 11(the ones I’m taking right now)
Semester 1- Physics University, Chemistry University, Mixed World Religion and Math University 
Semester 2-Biology University, Mixed Ernvironmental Science, Introduction to computer science University and English University 
hey everyone, if you receive a Loran award, does it require you to move outside your province for uni?? Does that mean I should apply to universities outside of my province just in case?
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Scotia Bank contest

I applied for the Scotia Bank contest and I would like to know the result please.

Thank you and have a nice day.

Lamyae Khomsi

Scotiabank #EasyMoneyScholarship Contest
I received an email saying I was a winner of the Scotiabank #EasyMoneyScholarship Contest with a prize of $5000 in cash. The money was supposed to be sent to me through a cheque in the mail around 8-10 weeks since I was awarded in May but I still haven’t received anything. I’ve been trying to get in contact using the information I was given however none of this information is working. I have even tried using the main contact Information such as the phone number given on the Facebook page and it won’t go through. How do I get in contact with Yconic? Why is the contact information I was given defunct?
How to get into Waterloo Engineering guide
Hey all,

It's been a while since I've posted here. I recently graduated from uWaterloo, and wrote a blog post on how to get into Waterloo Engineering. It discusses all components of the application process for Waterloo engineering, including the controversial adjustment factor concept.

Take a read here:
Short Essay on Catching Criminals via Social Media
This is a short essay written in accordance with Haywood Hunt & Associates Inc. Scholarship program which offers scholarships annually to all Canadian college and university students. Here is a link to their website: https://www.haywoodhunt.ca/ 

We live in a world of technological marvel that is superseded by every passing day. In some ways, the advent of progressive technology has set us on a course of change with regards to the way in which we interact with our environment and communicate across the globe. In a sense, the world is a biotechnologically interconnected entity. The infrastructure of education has changed in many ways by allowing easy access for students to communicate with tutors through platforms such as Coursera and Edx. In contrast, the way in which crime is committed and surveyed has also evolved in complexity. This short essay serves as an analysis of the various ways in which criminal investigations have changed as a result of the interconnected world of social media.

One of the most common and effective methods of catching criminals is by investigators being an accessory to a crime. Sting operations generally involve an investigator impersonating an accomplice in order to lure criminals into committing a crime. For instance, an investigator can pose as a drug dealer, or can even impersonate a child in order to catch a pedophile. Although criminals use various methods to conceal their identity, the more information they share, the less animosity they hold.

Another method involves the use of the public domain which contains a plethora of readily available information. An example of such information is location information, in which photos and videos of many websites and apps such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter contain metadata imbedding the geographic location of the content posted. This information can be linked to crime spots and could provide a source of photographic evidence if a crime has been committed. Other useful information can also be extracted such as habits and tendencies, from the time a suspect leaves a grocery store to the time spent watching TV. This can often be used to confirm whether an alibi matches the suspects recorded location. Companies such as Cellebrite rely on a UFED Cloud Analyzer solution which collects and filters for evidence in real-time from numerous social networks, allowing investigators to collaborate and share evidences of suspects [1]. This data is also thoroughly analyzed by this system, speeding up the process to collect evidence which may serve as a vital component of an investigation.

An effective tool for catching criminals is to use our understanding of the psychology of the criminal mind. It is well documented that criminals have the tendency to brag and seek attention, regardless of the nature being negative [2]. This can often lead to a leak in sensitive information. Investigators can befriend suspects on social media platforms, such as Facebook, since they are by default, given access to this information.

Additionally, tracking the IP Address of a suspect and recording the websites they frequently visit, can aid in catching criminals who rely on the deep web to commit a crime. Websites require information such as the size of the user’s screen in order to display the webpage properly. Investigators can use these details to find out about the type of hardware that the suspect is using. Although this information alone isn’t enough to identify the user in question, it can rule out a significant number of users.

Furthermore, one of the most effective ways that investigators have embraced social media, are police departments which strengthen public relations by connecting publicly over social media networks. Providing information to the public as well as communicating and addressing concerns promotes trust, transparency, and encourages the public to openly speak out. These relations result in a safer environment, but can also lead to the public sharing critical information that could lead to catching a criminal. For instance, a stabbing victim was identified through social media after remaining a mystery for 34 years [3].

As technology evolves, so do the methods in which criminals are caught. Although there are a number of countermeasures in place which enable criminals to conceal their identity and crimes, adapting to the change in technology can often lead to the prevention of further crime. Sometimes, in order to catch a criminal, you have to think like one.


[1] T. Petah, “Cellebrite launches tool for forensically sound extraction of public domain social media data”, Cellebrite, Aug 7, 2017. [Online]. Available: https://www.cellebrite.com/en/press/cellebrite-launches-tool-for-forensically-sound-extraction-of-public-domain-social-media-data/ Retrieved on July 25, 2018

[2] NG. Alrfred, “Psychologists reveals why people post crimes on social media”, New York Daily News, July 20, 2016, [Online]. Available: http://www.nydailynews.com/news/national/psychologists-reveal-people-post-crimes-social-media-article-1.2719307 Retrieved on July 28, 2018

[3] L. Maya, “Social media helps crack 34-year-old Bossier cold case”, Shreveport Times, March 5, 2015. [Online]. Available: https://www.shreveporttimes.com/story/news/crime/2015/03/05/social-media-cold-case-bossier/24449935/ Retrieved on August 9, 2018
How does applying to scholarships/grants etc...for Adult students work?
I plan to apply to university soon, I was wondering since I've been technically out of school for 2 years and been doing academic upgrading online. I was curious, how applying to scholarships, grants, etc... work.
UTM Comp Sci Admissions and Online Credits
Hello everyone,

I am currently just starting my grade 12 year having MHF4U, MCV4U and ENG4U done via an online private school. 

My guidance department gave me a bit of a warning saying that universities can see that these are private school courses when sent in.

I hear there’s also a couple Uni programs that adjust marks when suspected you took it online. However I have only heard this for the engineering programs in UW/UTM.

Since my goal is UTM CS, do I still have anything to worry about? Do they adjust marks for their CS program too?
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QuARMS applicants
Hey ppl I wanna apply to QuARMS and I was wondering what kind of applicant would be a "well-rounded" one. Any tips?
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Hey guys.

I have been looking for scholarships on scholarshipscanada but I found that, even after updating my profile and putting as many details about myself s possible, a lot of the things that popped up were scholarships that did not apply to me at all. I am having lots of difficulties finding small scholarships (not affiliated with specific universities) that are not usually advertised, but good to apply to

For example, I am applying to the Merit Award which I only heard about through a friend. I wouldn't have known about this scholarship at all otherwise. So if any of you know scholarships like these, please share them.

Here are some things about myself: I am an immigrant from a low income family. I am in lots of extra curricular activities within and outside the school, most are related to charity work and leadership. Not a lot of volunteer hours (maybe 150-200 max) Not heavily involved in athletics, and no musical talent at all. Two part time jobs and my academic average is 98%.

If you know any scholarships I can apply to, especially ones concerning newcomers and whatnot, please please let me know! I need as much money as I can get for tuition.

Thank you so much
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Scotiabank National Scholarship
was anyone contacted about this scholarship? did anyone receive a call from yconic recently?
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