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High School Class of 2019 Offers of Admission
University applications are open!  I thought we could start a discussion so that people can see when people get accepted, where they applied and their averages.

I found the 2018 discussion to be very helpful and informative, in that discussion they included the following information;

Program and post-secondary institution  
Date of application 
Date of offer 
Admission average (Grade 11, Grade 12 first semester- basically whatever was used in determining admission qualifications) 
Province you're applying from 
Any other information you'd like to add.
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Undergrad Pre-Med Program
I'm currently a Grade 12 student at Pickering High School in Ajax. For my university applications, I applied at multiple places. 
UFT Scarborough and Downtown for life sci
Waterloo-Biomed sci
York-Biomed sci
Queens-Life Sci
Mac-Life Sci
I will probably finish with an 87 average, and now its time for me to start making decisions.  Everyone in my family has done Engineering, so they don't  know much about any of these Life Sci programs.
My average was low this year, due to unpredictable circumstances, I usually have a low 90.
Which one do you guys think is best to get me to a med school. Any other advice regarding the unis and this program would be appreciated. 
Thank you

Western Engineering 2018-2019
Hey guys so I applied to U of T Eng  (Civil), Western Eng, Guelph Eng (undeclared first year), and Waterloo (civil) on Dec 20 with the following midterm marks:
Accounting: 97
Functions: 87

My grade 11 average was 93.5 and now sem 1 has almost ended with my anticipated grade 12 marks (going into the exam) to be:
Eng: 93
Accounting: 96
Functions: 88 or 89
Chemistry: 84 or 85

So do you guys think I'll get into the western eng program? I did the connect profile with decent ECs. Let me know what eng programs you guys have applied, if you got an offer and when and avg u currently have!
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Transferring to AFM
Hi guys, so I am currently a Biochemistry student at Laurier but I’ve applied for a transfer to a few programs at the University of Waterloo for Fall 2019. My first choice is AFM but my grades aren’t the best, and I only had about an 81 average in high school. Another issue is, I didn’t take calculus in high school but I took an introductory calculus course in university and the admissions lady said this course would be fine as an equivalent. My university average for first semester was around an 80, which is quite decent in my opinion. The average for university transfer students to AFM is “mid 70s” according to the University of Waterloo’s website. So based on marks do I have a chance, or am I just crazy for dropping $375 on my OUAC 105 application? Any info would help.
What is the difference from a BSc degree and BBA degree when studying Economics and Finance?
When studying economics and finance in University, what is the difference between a BSc [Honours Bachelor of Science (Physical & Mathematical Sciences)] and a BBA degree. Which will allow for better and more high level job opportunities after graduation?
Mathematical Application in Economics and Finance at University of Toronto St.George

I am applying to universities, and am wondering on which program would be best for me in order to pursue a high level job in economics or finance in the future. The programs I applied to are:

- Mathematics/Financial Analysis and Risk Management (Co-op) at University of Waterloo
- Mathematical Application in Economics and Finance at University of Toronto St. George
- Double Degree in Management & Finance (BBA) and Statistics—Quantitative Finance Stream (BSc) at University of Toronto Scarborough
- Schulich BBA at York

I am expecting that I will be accepted to all of these programs, as my grades and extracurriculars are both outstanding (95%+ average).

I am wondering which program would be best for me to attain a high paying job after graduation. 
Waterloo Health Studies
Hey everyone! I'm a grade 12 student who applied to Waterloo's Health Studies program and I thought it would be a good idea to start a discussion so we can all update each other on our admission status for this program and others :)

My grade 11 average was roughly around an 86% and I'm projecting that my grade 12 average will be in the high 80's by semester 2 midterms. 

If you've applied to this program, what are your admission status and averages for grade 11 and 12?
How much would my grade 11 marks matter?
So I was wondering how much my grade 11 marks would matter, I’m gonna try to get into bme, ce, se at uoft or waterloo. Currently i have an average of 92.5 in grade 11 but my 3u functions mark is quite low at 85. Im most likely going to take 4u functions in my first semester of gr.12 so would my 3u functions mark matter that much ? Thanks
Conflicted between business and engineering
Hey everyone, I'm currently a high school student who is struggling to decide whether or not I should pursue a career in business or engineering. I was originally on a path to become an engineer, however, I've heard many stories about the industry being too saturated with recent graduates not landing any jobs, especially those with only a Bachelors. With this in mind, I'm not sure if going through the heavy workload is worth it. Now, I'm considering a career in business, specifically finance, but I feel like the content is mundane and is less interesting compared to STEM topics.

 Is engineering worth it? Or is it better to just pursue a career in business? (BTW, for engineering, I'm interested in becoming a computer engineer)
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Queens Commerce
Hi, i am currently in grade 12 and want to go in queens commerce. However, i dont have the full funds to pay for it. I would have to pay over 50k in dept. My question is if it worth going into dept and paying it back later or should i go to a university like McMaster for commerce where i would have no dept. Is there a major difference? Also, would i make a higher salary with a queens degree? THANKS. MERRY CHRISTMAS!
Does university ONLY look at your top 6 marks?
So this semester I have four courses, which are physics, religion, business and english. I expect to get over a 90% in all these course except for physics. At midterms I had a 90 in physics, but that quickly dropped to a low 80. However, physics is not a course I need for any of my university applications and next semester I have  3 University Level courses and 1 Mixed Level course. Suppose all my other courses are above a 90 and for physics I end with with a 70. Would this mark at all affect my university acceptance (supposing physics is NOT included in top 6)?
IAmA Waterloo Mechanical student that just finished 2B and am going on my 4th co-op. AMA!
Hey guys, 

My name is Laura, I just finished 2B Mechanical (Class of 2021) and am going on my 4th coop. I remember browsing and posting here while I was applying and I found it very helpful. 

Ask me anything about programs, academics, student life, transitions, co-op, spicy piazza drama, etc. and I will attempt to answer as best as I can.

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OUAC 105 D Application
Hi I'm applying through the 105 D application due to the fact that I'm not in high school anymore. In my application under the 'Academic Background" tab i put down various nightschools and higshcool attended. But my questions is, when it asks "highest year level achieved" what do i put down? i been to that highschool all 4 years and passed through all my nightschools with high marks, but the night schools are only 1 semester long each. so what do i put down in highest year level achieved in each?
I am currently in grade 11, and I always have wanted to become a doctor. But recently I don't think that's a possibility, I have an 85 in Biology, and I've been told that mark is not up to University standard, It was my midterm but everyone around me is getting 90s, and they get pretty upset about it. I've been told three times that I am not smart enough to get into any University or to become a doctor. Is it true that an 85 is too low? I am willing to work harder, and I want to become a doctor, but should I give up? Should I even bother applying to UofT or UW? I am so nervous and confused
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Waterloo AFM Acceptances 2019!
Hello all potential afm candidates, and current afm students! I notice that there has not been a thread to support our cause of getting accepted in afm for next fall! Rather odd considering the fact that around this time last fall there was a HUGE thread for it! Anyways, I think we should start out with what your marks, or projected marks will be! Of course list your extra-curriculars you plan on using, and finally how you think you will score on the AFMAA assessment! Also, feel free to add in additional details you feel are just! According to SAF they will be releasing our AFMAA question on DECEMBER 3RD! That's right! This upcoming Monday! A few little details I'd like to share with everyone: So I actually am not that confident in receiving an offer to AFM! Shocking that a thread creator doubts his chances no? The reasons being that I am currently in my fifth year of high school and I am RETAKING ENGLISH! Other than that though, I am not retaking any other courses! Now for my marks: I currently have my top six set out below as follows:
English: 86(most likely will remain the same)
Functions: 80(Yes very low, however I already took it last spring)
Calculus: 82(Yes very low too, you get the sense I'm not a mathey!)
Earth and Space Science online(because there were no in class spots during this semester!): 93
Accounting: 95
Kinesiology: 95 
Now the reason I do not believe that I have a solid chance of getting accepted is due to the fact that I am upgrading English! I don't have the most concrete reason that I am retaking it, I will most likely write the truth on my AIF and inform them that I was not motivated during my first semester of grade twelve last year, but now I know I have found my motivation and have set future goals for myself! Apart from that however, is my relatively low math marks! I have heard of people getting in with repeated courses, and being in possession of mid-to-high 80's as their average, so that will give me some hope! As for EC's:
I played high school senior tennis from grades 9 to twelve(and the reason I did not play this year is due to the fact that I gave up my spot on the team for another boy who never got to play because there were too many good players). I was/am the assistant coach and manager for the senior tennis team at my school. I have made it to OFFSA twice for tennis, in my grades ten and eleven years, and I have been CWOSSA champion twice in open boys doubles(ranked) for those years as well. I have also been working as a part-time tennis instructor since 2017, and have worked the entire summer running tennis camps at my tennis club. Prior to working I have also accumulated over 200 hours of volunteer work at various tennis facilities as an instructor, and I have also obtained my official "Certified Tennis Instructors" certificate. I have also attended two leadership courses each a month in length(not sure if this really means much). I think the key part about writing a solid AIF is how you can translate all the activities you've done to life lessons, and experiences, and core values that you carry with you today! Additionally, I am hoping to play for the varsity tennis team for waterloo if I am able to get accepted into AFM! I know! You must be thinking this guy won't shut up! But hey, I just want everyone to come together and share their information!
University of Waterloo: Conditional Admission to Pharmacy (CAP) 2018/2019
Hey everyone! 
Application time is quickly approaching as we near the end of the year. This thread is for anyone applying or planning  to apply to the University of Waterloo's Conditional Admission to Pharmacy program in 2019. Feel free to ask any questions- about student life, academics, the application process, AIF, the interview, or anything in between! 

Hopefully this can help you! 
-a CAP student
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Waterloo Math/BBA Admission?
Hey there! I've applied to the DD program waterloo has and idk if my grades are going to be good enough to make the cut. My projected grades for this year go as follows: International Business : 95
 Eng: 93
 Functions: 86
 Accounting: 93 
Calculus: 93 
Data: 85
 Another one of my concerns is my math mark from last year, I slacked off quite a bit and found myself with a 64 in grade 11 math by the end of the year. My AIF has quite a lot on it (>20 activities) but I'm still not sure if my marks will make the cut. 
 Any advice is appreciated.
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Waterloo AMA
Hey guys! I am a third year at the university of Waterloo in environmental science! If you have any questions about the science faculty, university life or really anything ask away! I have a lot of friends in engineering, arts, math, and environment faculty so I can also try to answer those questions too!
University Supplementary Applications
Hey! If you guys have a moment to spare please fill out the below short survey regarding University applications. I am currently working on a research project and need your help! I'd really appreciate it and with your response, you will be entered in a draw to receive 1 $100 gift card give-away! Thanks a bunch and best of luck with applications! 

Scholarship Application :(
Hi!! I was recently completing my Loran Scholarship application and the portion that asks which university you want to attend says individuals chosen as Loran Scholars are expected to leave their home region???? I was planning to go to the university in my city but if I were to win this scholarship would I have to go somewhere else?? I understand there are different loran awards (some win $80000 and some win a couple thousand for being a finalist) so would I become ineligible to win any awards?
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Life Sciences Acceptance Confusion- UW
I just have a quick question for any UW admissions experts here (I already emailed the admissions officer for science but just wanted to see if anyone else was in the same boat as me)! 

 So I got accepted to UW Life Sciences about a week ago. The only thing is, is that I applied to the biomedical sciences major on my OUAC application. I did not apply to any other science programs at UW. 

 On my acceptance letter, it didn't specify what major I was accepted to... it only said that I was accepted to life sciences... does this mean that I got into Biomedical Sciences, or does this mean that biomed is more competitive so they accepted me into Life Sciences for now and are waiting until later in the new year to make a decision based on AIFs, etc....... 

I know that there are about 4 majors you can get accepted to so I'm wondering if they accepted me into ANOTHER major maybe?? I don't know how I would check that unless you select a major first year, though how would that work if I selected 'biomed sci' in my OUAC application.. ahhhhh!!!


Deciding My University Path
Hello, I am currently a grade 12 student is applying to universities. I have many questions about universities so please try to answer as many as you can.

For the Waterloo and Laurier DD students.
1) Which DD is better? BBA and BMath or BBA and BCS? Can I switch from One of the DD to the other in upper years if I choose to?
2) If I want to to specialize in accounting for my BBA will I need to take an extra semester? (I heard you have to, I don't know). Or can I take 6 courses per semester? Is that viable to even do? 
3) If I want to pursue the business side of my degree later (maybe accounting or finance) which school should I make my home school?
4) Does the DD actually give an advantage?

For Rotman Commerce Students:
1) How do the colleges that I have to rank affect me? I do not plan to live on residence if I go to Rotman so does the colleges impact me in any other way?
2) Can you specialize in both accounting and finance?
3) How does Rotman make up for no co-op?

For Schulich Students:
1) Is BBA or IBBA better objectively in the sense for future employment and general knowledge? 
2) Can you defer from one to other?
3) Does the program make up for no co-op somehow?

Western Ivey Students;
1) Can you provide a general experience and pros you believe Ivey provides you?
2) How does Ivey make up for no co-op

Other questions;
1) Rank , Schulich, Western Ivey , Rotman,, and the Waterloo DD which is better and why?
2) Who has the better name, Western Iver, Schulich or Rotman

Sorry for so many questions, please try to answer as many as possible. Thanks so much for your time
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University of Waterloo AFM, FARM, CFM, Math
Could you please comment on my choice of programs? I have narrowed down my choice to five programs, but need to pick only three, since there is a limitation. Here they are in the priority order (all co-op)
1) CFM (Computing and Fin Management) 
2) FARM (Math/Fin Analysis and Risk Management)
3) Math (with yet unknown major)
4) AFM (Acc and Fin Management)  wondering why acceptance is only mid 80s ???
5) Math/CPA

Please comment on how hard is the program, social aspects, etc - anything will help.
Which three should I pick?
Thanks a lot.

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Bio at Waterloo?
I am in grade 12, getting ready to apply to uni and have a decent average over 80. 

I'm wondering what you all think about doing bio at Waterloo. 

If you are currently in or know someone who is in the program can you tell me if its worth it? Or should I go for UofT or York to do bio. 


ps: I plan on going into medical afterwards 
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