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Undergrad Pre-Med Program
I'm currently a Grade 12 student at Pickering High School in Ajax. For my university applications, I applied at multiple places. 
UFT Scarborough and Downtown for life sci
Waterloo-Biomed sci
York-Biomed sci
Queens-Life Sci
Mac-Life Sci
I will probably finish with an 87 average, and now its time for me to start making decisions.  Everyone in my family has done Engineering, so they don't  know much about any of these Life Sci programs.
My average was low this year, due to unpredictable circumstances, I usually have a low 90.
Which one do you guys think is best to get me to a med school. Any other advice regarding the unis and this program would be appreciated. 
Thank you

I just finished my first semester of a BBA program and would be happy to answer any questions anyone may have!
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Requirements to become a Doctor
Hi, I am a Canadian high school student apiring to become a doctor. My average is over 90+ and I have volunteered a lot for my community. But, I was wondering to become a doctor, do you need to win multiple awards and be required to receive the top mark in your school?
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Hi I am a grade 12 student who wishes to go to Queens University, Waterloo, Mac, UofT, Ottawa or Western. I was wondering what average do these universities require, do they require their pre-requistes average, total average of the entire high school year or just the average of your 6 highest courses. Any info is useful and don't judge me.
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Private School Advance Functions? Will it reduce my chances of getting into Business Schools?
Hey everyone, I am thinking of taking Advance functions in private school not because I cant get 90's or put in the hard work, simply because I have a really heavy load this semester and I am leaving town for couple weeks due to family reasons, which will be a pain in the a$$ to catch up when I come back. If I take AF in private school, I think it will reduce my course load plus I will get a much better mark. I am trying to get into either Rotman, Queens or Laurier. I was wondering, do any of these universities care if I take AF private school? Also how much does a private school 1 sem cost? Thanks for your time!!!
I will be entering grade 12 this upcoming school year. I had previously been dead-set on going into nutrition or health sciences. However, I have now grown to seriously consider nursing. I have, of course, researched the prereq's and averages to be considered for admission to nursing programs. I am already set to take all of the 4U courses I'd need (bio, chem, data) But, I just want to know how actually cut-throat it is to get into a nursing program. My grade 11 average was in the mid-high 80's (do keep in mind, this was without the fire under my a** that grade 12 will certainly bring to get impeccable marks) I just want to know what I'm up against and what exactly I'd need to achieve, (as I realize while a program may say, for example, you need an 85, competition causes you to actually have a 90 to be accepted) I'd obviously prefer to be at a university campus for all four years and not have to go too far up North lol.
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First Year Student- Ask me Anything about University Admissions in Canada
Places I applied: 

Got accepted to all of them. Shoot me your questions regarding the application process to the following universities and I'll do my best to answer them for you. If you're a troll, dont even bother wasting your time on here. I didn't have very much guidance when I was applying last year, so I hope that I can provide some guidance to the students applying this year. I know it is quite an overwhelming process, not knowing which universities you will be able to gain admission into, but I can provide you with some general idea of what grades/extracurriculars you would need for the following universities from my own experience. 
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Going Abroad to the UK for undergrad/ Law
So I will be applying for university next year and I wanted to explore my options. I wanted to get into Law and heard that its a lot more convenient in the UK since it doesn't require an undergrad. However while I was doing research I learnt that UK graduates aren't really taken seriously here. I saw a program at Queens that allows you to study abroad in sussex UK for a year and wanted to know if it was worth going because there will be alot of debt of going to a canadian law school. I'm not really good at math or science so I feel like going into a field of law or social work is a safe bet for me in scoring a job after uni.
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How can I get a 90+ average in grade 12?
For all of you in grade 12 with 90+ averages, how do you do it? I work hard, do all the questions, ask for help and all that, but when a test rolls around I always get bad marks??? When we have a take home assignment though, I get good marks on that. I desperately want to get over 90, or at least high 80's for my math and science courses but with my current averages, idk if that's possible. I really want to get into a health sciences program into university. Next year for grade 12, what can I do to improve? 

My marks look like this: 
Grade 11 Chem: 84%
Grade 11 Physics: 75%
Grade 11 English: 95%
Grade 11 Math: 78%
Grade 11 Bio: 83%
Grade 12  Fine Arts: 97%
Grade 12 Humanities and World Issues: 99%
Grade 12 Philosophy: 90%

P.S. For the summer, I plan on taking extra classes to improve my chemistry, math, bio, and physics to maybe improve them, but I feel like this won't be enough on its own.
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Queens And UofTSG Admissions
Hey guys!! I just wanted to know is there possibility to get into uoft St.George for life science and queens Science with average of 83.7
Entrance scholarships
I know that some schools
 have entrance scholarships based on your average but for those scholarships do they use your top 6 average to determine how much u can get or do they use your overall average ? 
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Is it too late to apply to Queens? (for fall/sept 2018 term)
I really wanna get into Queens but i applied to Con-ED which is a hella hard program to get into. Do you think I can reapply for something in the arts at this point and still get in? Do you think its too late to apply at this point?
Changing Programs On OUAC
I have previously applied for 4 programs on OUAC. Am I able to change one of my programs into something different without having to pay an additional $50 fee? I have not yet received an acceptance from the program I am wishing to withdraw if this makes any difference. Thanks so much
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Most of you med school hopefuls will not get into medical school, so have a good backup option!


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HELP questions
I am currently in grade 11 and am thinking about going into a university commerce program, I don’t have the greatest marks so I am wondering if I have a possibility of getting accepted to UVic or Ryerson with marks such as these or would I have to improve my marks.

**ps. if you guys know any good commerce programs, any suggestions on how to prepare or things that look good on applications please comment!
Co-Op vs. Prestige
Schools like Waterloo and Laurier have co-op programmes, while Rotman, Queens Ivey Schulich have prestige. In which colleges do I have a higher chance of getting recruited after my course is over? I've heard in some cases prestige is so much greater than whether or not you've been in co-op or not.
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English 81% 
Advanced functions 90% 
Calculus and Vectors 90% 
Religion 90% 
Chemistry 70% 
 Tech Design 83%
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Queens Nursing (WHATS IT LIKE?)
Hey! I'm looking into the Queens nursing program (was accepted in Decmeber!!!) and I Wanted to get a better understanding of the program.
Anyone in the program able to share about their experience? The good and the bad? 
Course Withdrawal
Hey So say I wanted to start retaking a class online instead of in school. I want to start retaking Physics 11 and withdraw from my original physics class in school even though it's in the middle of the school year (March). Is there a rule or anything saying I can't withdraw in March or that I need the principal's permission? Can the Principal stop me from taking online courses and withdrawing from my original physics class in school(B.C. School) need answers thanks
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Which School to go to. Western or Queens?
Im currently in grade 12 and got accepted into both schools. Western's General Science and Queens Science Program. I have visited both schools and honestly fell in love with both of them. I know Western has greater student experience and opportunities and that Queens classes are smaller and the learning environment is tight and effective. I can see myself in western dorms but in the classes of queens. Im just looking for some advice because Im really at a cross road.
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Can I get in!!!!!????:(
What's up boys. I am currently enrolled at Burhamthorpe Collegiate Institute. My average this semester is pretty decent, sitting at a 59.333%. I know this exceeds some of the averages at the top engineering school such as waterloo but I have extraordinary extracirruclars such as male prostitution, abortion enthusiast, and webcumming. I have recently acquired 62 matches on tinder being my all time high. 
What are my chances for engineering at Canada's top universities?
Acceptance Thread!
Congrats for you all guys hope you got to your first choice...Lets share some thoughts to anyone got accepted to any uni in any program hope you participate include:
Grade 11/12 averages:
the Uni and the program:
Date of acceptance: 
Programs you still waiting to hear from if you are:

 I will start me in the first comment.

Okay guys lets goo

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