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Schulich Reference
For the Schulich leader scholarship application we need at least one reference to be from a school staff member. Should it be from any teacher or a science/math teacher who can comment on my academics? I got it from a teacher who can talk about my leadership but now I am wondering if the reference had to be more about the type of student I am.
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Schulich Leader Application
I was recently nominated to apply for this award and I have done research for the past two years. However they say they don't want students planning to go into medicine but the research I did was medical related. Should I include it or leave it out if it might decrease my chances of getting the award? I am unsure since some the past winners participated in HYRS or things like that but I just want to be sure that it including my research will not effect me negatively
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Dalhousie Medical Sciences
Please comment anything you know about Dalhousie! (especially for their medical science program )
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Scholarship Application :(
Hi!! I was recently completing my Loran Scholarship application and the portion that asks which university you want to attend says individuals chosen as Loran Scholars are expected to leave their home region???? I was planning to go to the university in my city but if I were to win this scholarship would I have to go somewhere else?? I understand there are different loran awards (some win $80000 and some win a couple thousand for being a finalist) so would I become ineligible to win any awards?
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Schulich Award
I was going to apply for the Schulich scholarship however I noticed that the eligibility says that students cannot be going into medicine or medical research. I am not sure what I will be going into after my science degree however I wanted to keep my options open. I read some articles about past winners and some of them said that they want to pursue medicine. If someone ended up pursuing medicine after would they revoke the award?
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HELPP! Can i get into UBC with these grades?
I was also applying to SFU, UVIC, UofA and what are my chances of getting in to the sciences my second choice was kinesiology. My grades so far...  
Biology 12 - 76  
Chemistry 12 - 85  
Pre-Calculus 12 - 79  
English 12 - 90  
French 12 - 95  
Geography 12 - 94
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Help! Medical Undergrad, MCAT Scores, and Applications
I am seeking help on how applying to university undergrad programs really work. Firstly, I am currently in Grade 11 in the IB program. The admissions for say Dalhousie say that a 3.00 is mandatory, and an MCAT, among other things. Is an MCAT a requirement to apply? And, when do I take it? I have read that if I take it in High School I will be at a disadvantage because I haven't taken the courses yet, but it's listed on the applications pages of many medical undergrad programs. Secondly, how do I find my GPA from an IB score? Do I use my converted Ontario mark to then convert to GPA? Thirdly, how does an Undergrad and general Uni apps work? My current perception is that you apply early grade 12, using predicted IB scores, and the ones already resulting from the exam (in my case Chemistry and Business) in Grade 11. Then, you submit a CASPer or a Personality Evaluation, and an MCAT? I'm really looking for a view on how the process works. So, MCAT or no, GPA from IB, and how to apply. Thanks so much for reading, I know that this blob of text is probably an eyesore to look at!
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Advice from a 2nd year BSc student!
hey guys- I used yconic a ton during gr 12 to help ease my university application anxieties and to just find out more info so I figured I'd return the favour! I currently go to Dalhousie University in my 2nd year of biology & IDS. way back when, I applied to UBC, Dal, U Ottawa, Lakehead and Queen's science and somehow managed to get accepted to all of those programs! I was also offered some scholarships (except to UBC rip). if you have any questions about the application process for out of province schools (I'm from Ontario), getting into science programs, the UBC personal profile, what my marks/extracurriculars looked like or anything at all please ask! good luck with all your applications too u got this :)
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Best Commerce Programs...?
I am an Ontario student and I am most interested in Rotman and Queen's. I will probably have between a 90-92 average in my grade 12 year and I was just wondering if there are any other schools across Canada that I should be looking into. I am worried that I am not going to get into these two schools and just want other people's opinion on what schools have worthy commerce programs that I should look more into. Thanks!!
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Loran Scholarship Application
Hi everyone. I'm applying to be a 2019 Loran scholar and on previous applications I have seen a question that says list 5 of your accomplishments. What do they mean by this question???
 Also there is a section for artist/musical pursuits and I dont have anything for that (I do photography but I would put that under school for yearbook) 

We also have to write short essays and I was wondering what would be the best way to write it in terms of format? Like, is a story type of essay good or a well structured formal essay?? 

All advice is greatly appreciated!
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Should I stay in Data Management?
I just started grade 12 a few days ago and I'm struggling to decide whether I should stay in Data or drop it for a spare. I'm going to be applying to the arts either social science or humanities and although I don't need data to get into the program, If I end up choosing a social science I'll have to take a stats class later on. I have Ap English first semester as well and I feel like It might be a better use of time to get a spare so I have more time to work on a subject that universities are actually going to look at on applications. Thoughts?
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Dalhousie Integrated Science
Hey everyone, I was just wondering if there was someone on here who has taken the Dalhousie Integrated Science program before? I'm going to be applying to universities soon and I was curious if it was worth it to take this program and why it is better than the General Sciences
Dalhousie Admissions
Hi! I'm a going into grade 12 and my top choice for uni is Dalhousie. Looking at their requirements though, I'm a little concerned. It says I need 6 academic courses, but in Ontario we have University, Mixed, College, Open. Do they accept mixed courses as academic courses??! Mixed is University/College. The site we use at school to look at requirements says they do but I want to be sure. Thanks!
Canadian University Acceptance Rates (link)
Interesting to see Canadian university acceptance rates published. I have never seen them before as they are usually popularized the top American/European universities. But here they are from most to least selective:

1. Western (31%)
2. Queen's (42%)
3. McGIll (49%)
4. Waterloo (53%)
5. Simon Fraser (60%)
6. UBC (64%)
7. Toronto (69%)
8. Concordia (71%) 
9. Carleton (73%)
10. York (80%)

Also, McMaster is 59%, which is not in the link but found with a google search.


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What average do you need to accepted into Medical Sciences at Dalhousie University?
I have been accepted into Dalhousie for a bachelor of Science, I am just waiting to hear if I have been accepted into Medical Sciences. 

Currently, I have a grade 12 average of 94. I am just worried because it’s almost the end of the school year and I haven’t heard anything from them regarding Med Sci in a month. So, I was just wondering if ~94 average would be high enough to get accepted into the program. (I also have all prerequisites for the program, so that won’t be an issue). 
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Scholarship Requirements
I want to apply to some scholarships next year and was wondering how good my chances would be if I don't play any sports and barely do any art/music. The only kind of relates thing I do is photography because I enjoy it. I have never had a talent for sports which is why I don't play, also the team's at my school are really competitive. I going into grade 12 by the way and am interested in applying to things like Loran. How much will my involvement matter???? I was looking at a 2015 application and there was a big section on listing athletics and music/art involvement. Any advice would be appreciated :)
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Dalhousie Masters of Health Administration
Hey everyone,

I am having some trouble finding info on the acceptance rate of the Masters of Health Administration at Dalhousie. If anyone has any stats on this that would be great!

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Reconsidering a BA
Hi everyone:

Background info: I'm in grade 11 with about a 94% average - plan to keep it after my exams this week! I do a lot of extra-curriculars and am an executive of an advocacy organization for this year. (Only saying that so you know changing courses would be difficult!)

I've my mind made for a long time as to what I would do for university and beyond. I hadn't figured out exactly what major I wanted, but I thought something within BA (like PoliSci, International Studies, or something else fairly interdisciplinary).
My excuse for these not leading to concrete jobs has always been that my passion is law, and I would go to school for it after.

However, recently I've been reconsidering. I know law schools appreciate diverse schooling backgrounds, and I have a passion for (particularly marine) biology. To apply to Arts & Science or Science though, I'd need to take totally different courses next year.  

My dilemma right now is whether to hustle and take advanced functions and add 4U bio to my course load for next year (would switch around my schedule and potentially do something online), or stick with the initial plan of arts. 
I KNOW I'll enjoy doing a BA and know I can get good marks. Biology? It's a bigger risk in terms of both enjoyment (which I think is important!) and also getting high enough marks to be successful when I apply to law school.

In summary: I am looking for advice as to whether I should take a chance on Bio, or stick with a BA before (planning to go to) law school in either scenario. Obviously, Bio would set me up if I decided against Law, but it's a bigger risk.

Thanks for your help. The decision is ultimately a personal one, but any insight or advice is appreciated!
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Laptop for University
Hey guys, I need an upgrade for a new laptop for next year. I am looking particularly at those that are 2 in 1 that can be a sturdy laptop for writing essays and etc. but also one that I can write on for chemistry notes for example (one that comes with a compatible pen would be preferable). A lot of my friends are getting a mac laptop and an ipad that they can write on but I was thinking if there is a 2 in 1 computer that could do both it could be more efficient and potentially cheaper. I want to switch all of my notes to electronic ones and for example in calc/chem it would be difficult to type and in my opinion it would be easier to write the equations and math. I am going into BMSc (Medical Science) and my courses for next year would be chem, physics, bio, calc, and probably music and a language as an elective. With that in mind, please leave all your suggestions and recommendations bellow and even a warning on what not to get. I would really appreciate it!!!
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Architecture Acceptances 2018?
If you guys got accepted to any architecture / environmental design / urban planning programs, please include the following:

Date of Application: 
Date of Offer: 
Grade 11 Average: 
Grade 12 Average: 
Province You're Applying From:

I know most architecture programs don't give out acceptances till later, but U of T started rolling out some.
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Changed my mind?
Hey guys, I need some advice from people who went or are going through the same thing as me.

I have applied to various business programs at schools in Canada, but I have had a sudden change in heart and I want to pursue something else. I am thinking of some Health Science programs but I have never taken a biology course, so I have a couple of questions.

1. Do you have any career counsellors that you would recommend?
2. Do you know how I could pursue Health Science within University without taking biology in high school? Are there any introduction courses I can take in my first year before switching my major?
3. Is it easy to transfer within faculties in a given university?
4. Has anyone been through the same thing? Is there someone who can possibly guide me through this?

Oh, additional comment! The reason I have changed my mind about taking Business within university is that I am currently studying for my IB exams and I realize how much I do not enjoy studying both Business Management and Economics. I have felt like this throughout the courses, but I thought it might just be me not enjoying the teaching style or something. I guess I was trying to play with my mind. I have contacted a career counsellor but I was wondering if anyone had one that was particularly good.
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Money or Dreams?
I have narrowed down my choices for next year to Dalhousie (computer science) and University of Toronto (Track One, intention of majoring in computer engineering). I know my programs are different, but I would be equally as happy pursuing either one. 
My dream for the last few years has been to attend U of T because of its reputation and quality of education. I love the city of Toronto and I think it would be great to experience living somewhere different as I am from Nova Scotia. Depending on what residence I am placed in, going here may cost $30 000/year.
Dalhousie offered me $36 000 in scholarships which is more than I could have ever imagined but I'm wondering if the money is worth it considering the school, to my knowledge, has no where near the reputation or connections that U of T has in computer science/engineering. 
If I go to U of T I'm definitely going to do their summer internship program (eSIP) and PEY to gain experience and to try to pay off my massive debt. Dalhousie has co-op as well which I will also do, but I know Dal does not have the connections or opportunities that U of T has.
I know at the end of the day with my scholarships, co-op earnings, and students loans (some of which will be written off because I stayed in province) my degree will basically be free or cost a very low price if I go to Dal. So bottom line, should I go for the cheaper degree from the less reputable school, or should I go for the expensive degree from a school that has a greater reputation?
I'm just looking for some suggestions or any advice that could point me in the right direction. Also, I am planning on pursuing graduate studies, but life changes, so I can't say I will 100%. 
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