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UofT Math Apps in Finance and Economics
I am planning to attend UofT for this Mathematical Applications in Economics and Finance. On the UofT website, it says that the degree acquired from taking this program is "Honours Bachelor of Science (Physical & Mathematical Sciences)". With this degree, can you apply to high level economics and finance jobs in the future? What pathways (i.e. what degrees) must be taken in order to get high level economics or finance jobs? 
How does this degree compare to BBA or BComm degrees when job searching. I applied to this program because high level math courses and economics courses are included in the program. With this, I feel that there will be better job opportunities in the world of Econ and Finance as I will have a better understanding of key concepts, rather than an overall knowledge in business which is typically achieved through BBA.
Mathematics and Finance/Economics at UOFT
I am planning to attend University of Toronto for the Mathematical Applications in Economics and Finance program at St. George. If anyone know of, or has taken this program, I have a few questions: 
- Is this a good program if planning to do MBA or Masters of Finance after graduating 

 - Are there high level jobs that you can get after completing this program. What are some of the jobs that you get with this program (HBSc degree in Mathematical and Physical Sciences) 

- Do you recommend this program, and how rigorous is it?
What is the difference from a BSc degree and BBA degree when studying Economics and Finance?
When studying economics and finance in University, what is the difference between a BSc [Honours Bachelor of Science (Physical & Mathematical Sciences)] and a BBA degree. Which will allow for better and more high level job opportunities after graduation?