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iBioMed @McMaster University
Currently enrolled in Integrated Biomedical Engineering and Health Sciences at McMaster. 
If you have questions about it or about eng1, campus life or scholarships, ask me and i'll be more than happy to help. 
HI guys... So I am applying to these universities...:

Queens U Engineering
Western U Engineering
Ryerson U Chemical Engineering
UofT Mineral Engineering
McMaster Engineering

My Grade 11 final average is a 92.38%, and currently my midterm marks for Grade 12 are:

Advanced Functions: 98%
Health Science: 92%
Computer Technology Engineering: 95%
English: 83%

My questions are:

What are my chances of getting in to all of the Universities listed above? 

Is my English mark gonna drastically affect my chances of getting in (not really good at the subject so...)?

Is the McMaster supplementary application (video interview) hard? (really nervous for this)

When do they usually start to send out acceptances?

Thank you for your time! Please answer my questions if you can! :)
conditional offer
Does everyone have the same conditional or is it different for each student? I’m pretty sure it’s the same for each student but my friend told me it was different for each because offers are sent in different rounds and each person has different marks.
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UofT engineering portal status
did anybody elses status change to " a decision is pending for your application" on the engineering portal??? mine just changed today so I'm guessing they just started reviewing it??? jdhbhjbcsd
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Ryerson University - Engineering
I currently have an 87 average amongst my current prerequisites right now and I am interested in doing engineering at the Ryerson University. What are the odds of me making it in? Thank you for your responses in advance.
University Acceptances 2018 (Engineering)
Just wondering if any of you guys were accepted into any engineering programs yet... I knew that Waterloo doesn't send them out until March, but how about for other universities (Queen's, U of T, McGill, Carleton, etc)? List your programs and the university you got accepted into ^_^

P. S. Anyone heard back from Queen's Chancellor's yet? 
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UFT Engineering supplemental
How much should you write on UofT Engineering application for extracurriculars (there's no word count)??
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McMaster Engineering Supplemental Application
Has anyone completed their supp app yet?  If so when do you get access to the written section?  The written section is separate from the interview, right?  How was the experience?
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