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Waterloo AMA
Hey guys! I am a third year at the university of Waterloo in environmental science! If you have any questions about the science faculty, university life or really anything ask away! I have a lot of friends in engineering, arts, math, and environment faculty so I can also try to answer those questions too!
Will i get into university with bad grade 11 marks but really good grade 12 marks
im generally a 80-90 student but grade 11 was rough for the most part in grade 10 i wanted to do computer science because it seemed really interesting but when i did the course in grade 11 i was very good and got a 90 but i really was miserable in the class and found coding very annoying, but since i wanted to do it in grade 10 i took the required courses like university functions, chemistry and physics. once i got to grade 11 things were kinda ok because i got a 80 in eng a 90 in animation a 80 in english but a 55 in math teacher because the teacher really didn't teach well in my opinion, semester 2 at this point chemistry is at a 50,  physics is at a 52, video class  88 and in religion i have  a 80. what happened was this semester was rlly bad because of issues in my life (not too open to talk about) caused me to go into a really bad depression and my anxiety disorder didn't help. My depression caused some of my marks to go super low but ive gotten help however i know at this point they rlly cant go much higher. I know next year i will do well next year and probably get somewhere between a 80-90. my goal is to get into media studies at guelph humber or ryerson university's media production. Would i have a chance if i had rlly good grade 12 marks hypothetically.
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OSAP Funding
I have googled everything with regard to my question but I cant seem to get the specific answer. I hope you guys can help me out.
If you are given the osap funding, especifically the "grants", is it mandatory to get employed only by companies in Ontario? For how long?
Thanks to those who will take time to answer. Have a great day everyone.
waterloo science
Hey everyone! I just finished my first year in science at waterloo. If you guys have any questions about anything (courseload, scheduling classes, etc) I am here to answer them!