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what is Nano-Liposomes?How it Works?
How Nano-liposomes Work Nanoliposomes (or nano particles) have been exclusively referred to nanoscale lipid vesicles which possesses the same physical, structural, thermodynamic properties as normal liposomes while the size of nanoliposomes is smaller than 200nm in order to avoid rapid degradation and clearance by liver macrophages. Nanoliposomes can also provide slow drug release, resulting in enhanced efficacy by sustained exposure to target site. In general, compared to other liposomal encapsulation, nano-sized delivery systems provide larger surface, increased solubility, improved bio-availability, and better controlled release, as well as active targeting. Nano-liposomes Applications With advanced biocompatibility and biodegradability, nanoliposomes have a vast range of potential applications, including nanotherapy (e.g. diagnosis, cancer therapy, gene delivery), food additives, cosmetics, and agriculture. Various formulations of nanoliposomes have been used in drug delivery or in drug development. In addition, their applications have expanded to carry nutrients, enzymes, and food preservatives.