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Ryerson Supplementary form OUAC 105 D
Hey so i applied throught the OUAC 105 D application and am required to fill a supplementary form for my Ryerson program choices. 

My questions is how important is the supplementary form? Does it impact my chances of getting accepted heavily?
OUAC 105 D Application
Hi I'm applying through the 105 D application due to the fact that I'm not in high school anymore. In my application under the 'Academic Background" tab i put down various nightschools and higshcool attended. But my questions is, when it asks "highest year level achieved" what do i put down? i been to that highschool all 4 years and passed through all my nightschools with high marks, but the night schools are only 1 semester long each. so what do i put down in highest year level achieved in each?
OUAC 105 D Acceptances 2018
Hi, I'm writing to ask if anyone had been accepted for upcoming September year? Also what was your program and average for getting in if you don't mind me asking.
OUAC 105 D Application
Hi, I am applying to university using the OUAC 105D application and am almost done my application. The part in which it asks for 'Academic Background' it says if my school is eligible for submitting a transcript electronically, I can make a request for that. I have a few questions regarding this.

My first question is however, how long will it take for the OUAC to receive my transcript electronically? Also just to make sure, will that same electronic transcript be used for my university application to my university program choices?

My other question is regarding which school I choose to request my transcript from. I graduated high school from L'Amoreaux Collegiate Institute in 2017. I had attended night school courses at Albert Campbell Collegiate Institute & Winston Churchill Collegiate Institute to upgrade some courses right after graduating. The most recent school I attended was in 2018 this year and I was enrolled in a day school program at Scarborough Center for Alternative Studies. My question is which school do i request my transcript from?
Ryerson Application 105D
Hi I;m planning on going to Ryerson for business. I have a 90+ average that i got by repeating 3 courses so other universities such as UofT and York are a bit out of reach. I graduated highschool in June of 2017 and am planning on attending Ryerson in the fall of 2019. My question is will i have to write some for of an entrance exam? also i heard something about a TRSM math test at Ryerson? is this related to my first question in any way? 
Thank you!
University Application Question
Hi I Graduated highschool in June 2017 and I'm planning on applying for uni soon for admission into 2019 fall semester. As you see it will be a full 2 years being out of highschool. I took a course back in highschool semester one called family studies. Is it still eligible for my application? Do i have to retake it?
Hi, I'm planning on applying for Ryerson's Accounting & Finance program along with business management. But I have a few questions about applying. I'm not in highschool, i have been taking a gap year to make some extra money so as a result i will be applying as a 105D applicant. if i apply in mid-september this month, what is the earliest time i can get a acceptance from Ryerson? I have all the marks i need. 

My marks are: 
Advanced functions: 90
Calculus & vectors: 80
English: 91
Family studies: 93
Nutrition and Health: 86
International Business: 94

My overall average is: 89

Will this enough for me to get accepted into their programs? 
Also, in my top 6 the international business is a M course. will it affect my chances of getting into their programs if i have a 1 M course rather than all U courses?
OUAC application 105D
Hi, I'm planning on applying for Business Technology Management, Accounting and Finance and Business Commerce at Ryerson. I want to attend in the fall of 2019 which is next year. My question is when is the earliest that i can apply as a 105D through OUAC seeing as I'm not in highschool. Also, when is the earliest that i can expect an acceptance from Ryerson?

P.S. I took a year off to save up for tuition fees. which is why I'm not in highschool. 

My Courses are: 
English: 91
Advance Functions: 90
Calculus & Vectors: 82
Nutrition and Health: 86
Family studies: 93
International Business: 94
Mature Student Ryerson
Hi, I'm currently 19 years old going to be turning 20 in the year that i plan on attending Ryerson University for their Accounting & Finance program. Being 19 and tuning 20 in the year I plan on attending brings up the question of me being a mature student. On Ryerson's website, it says a mature student is one that is 21 years of age in the year they want to attend. I'll be 20, one year younger and so my question is will I have to apply as a mature student? Also whats the difference between being a mature student and one that just graduated high school. Also, do they look at applications differently depending on if I'm a mature student?
Ryerson Nightschool
Hi, Im currently taking a few courses and am planning on applying at Ryerson for the fall 2019 year. I heard a rumor that many unis starting next year wont be accepting nightschool. I night schooled 3 courses so its a bit worrying. Does anyone have information regarding this? i know UofT and Waterloo have begun to penalize those who took it. Any info would be helpful!
ILC Business
Hi Im thinking about taking the following courses through ILC: 
Data Management
Earth and Space Science
Financial Accounting Principles
International Business Fundamentals
Business Leadership: Management Fundamentals

I plan on going into Accounting and Finance and was wondering which of the 3 business courses would help me. Also for anyone who has taken these courses through ILC, can you tell me how it was and how hard you worked and for how long? also what mark did you achieve?
Accounting And Finance
Hi, I recently decided to becoming an engineer was a bit too tough due to my weakness in the sciences. I have decided to go into business and am planning on doing Accounting and Finance at Ryerson next year. For that program, Ryerson looks at your English, Advance Functions and Calculus marks, as well as 3 other U courses. I have my top 6 courses at a 90 Average but none of them are business courses, My question is: are there any business courses recommended to be taken before going to Ryerson for accounting and finance? If so, which would be helpful?
ILC Chemistry
Hi, I'm a high school graduate who wants to do electrical engineering. I need to update my Grade 12 chemistry mark because my day school teacher wasn't good at teaching most of the material (Class average was in the 60's). I'm thinking of taking chemistry through ILC but I have been seeing a lot of mixed review about it. Most reviews being either very good or very bad. My question is, has anyone taken ILC for Grade 12 chemistry and can tell me their experience? What mark did you end up getting and how hard did you work to achieve that mark? Also how long did it take you to finish the course?