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Life Sciences Acceptance Confusion- UW
I just have a quick question for any UW admissions experts here (I already emailed the admissions officer for science but just wanted to see if anyone else was in the same boat as me)! 

 So I got accepted to UW Life Sciences about a week ago. The only thing is, is that I applied to the biomedical sciences major on my OUAC application. I did not apply to any other science programs at UW. 

 On my acceptance letter, it didn't specify what major I was accepted to... it only said that I was accepted to life sciences... does this mean that I got into Biomedical Sciences, or does this mean that biomed is more competitive so they accepted me into Life Sciences for now and are waiting until later in the new year to make a decision based on AIFs, etc....... 

I know that there are about 4 majors you can get accepted to so I'm wondering if they accepted me into ANOTHER major maybe?? I don't know how I would check that unless you select a major first year, though how would that work if I selected 'biomed sci' in my OUAC application.. ahhhhh!!!


Official SHAD 2018 Thread!
Hey guysss! I'm currently working on my SHAD application for 2018! Any of you doing the same? We can chat here :^D

Rip Gerald 2017-2018. You were a great companion and most of all, friend.
Shad 2018
Hi! I am applied to Shad 2018 and would love to meet people who did the same! I am interested in going to McMaster or Western.
SHAD 2018

    Hey guys!

Does anyone know the chances of getting into SHAD this year? People have been saying 50-60% but those posts are probably a bit outdated as more people know more about this program.

 And how will I do in the application process? Unfortunately Ive started this year with a low 85 average but I have several ECs to my name. I play soccer and taekwondo, play the piano and guitar, member of cadets, lifeguard and volunteer at the hospital and homeless shelter. My essay is probably at the B+ mark and I believe my reference is very solid. What are my chances of getting in?


SHAD 2018
I am currently a grade 10 student in BC, Canada.
I'm applying for SHAD this year and the deadline is Nov. 20, so I'm trying to get some last minute advice on my application, especially the essay portion. Is there anybody that has some advice in applying for SHAD???
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