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Why use liposome kits?

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Can liposome kits be used in the field of biotechnology? What convenience does it offer?
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Liposome kits are lyophilized lipid mixtures, serving as a convenient system for liposome manufacturing and can be used in many fields including biotechnology, agriculture, and medicine research. The lipid powder is stable when stored under -20 °C, from which liposome suspension is achievable by adding aqueous solution into the powder. Alternatively, encapsulated solute could be added by a different protocol. Liposome kits are a very flexible and efficient tool for your research by combining all lipid composition required in one set. Depending on the research need, the ratio and species of lipid contents, such as phospholipids, fluorescent lipids, sphingolipids, sterols, etc., could be customized. Up till now, there are more than 50 commercial transfection kits in the market, mainly used in gene delivery and transfection, depletion of macrophages, culture medium and so on.
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