yconic - What is the difference from a BSc degree and BBA degree when studying Economics and Finance?
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What is the difference from a BSc degree and BBA degree when studying Economics and Finance?

When studying economics and finance in University, what is the difference between a BSc [Honours Bachelor of Science (Physical & Mathematical Sciences)] and a BBA degree. Which will allow for better and more high level job opportunities after graduation?
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The difference usually involves support courses and breadth requirements for electives as one is offered by the faculty of science and the other by the faculty of arts. A B.Sc. might have more required math courses, require some form of science electives, and possibly a 4th year thesis. A BBA may require arts/humanities/ss electives. There may also be different minimum GPA requirements for progression and graduation. 

If you want to know specifically pick two programs, one a B.Sc. and one a BBA and look up the specific course requirements in the academic calendar and map them out side by side. 
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You realize that you're comparing two very different fields, right? You're acting as if both programs are interchangeable.
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Personally I would go for Bachelor of science, you would have a greater chance in the job market,you might get into some jobs that manipulate data like; Data scientist,Financial engineer(If you decide to take computational science,engineer or mathematics grad school level.) Financial officer and data analyst.
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