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Western Engineering 2018-2019

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Hey guys so I applied to U of T Eng  (Civil), Western Eng, Guelph Eng (undeclared first year), and Waterloo (civil) on Dec 20 with the following midterm marks:
Accounting: 97
Functions: 87

My grade 11 average was 93.5 and now sem 1 has almost ended with my anticipated grade 12 marks (going into the exam) to be:
Eng: 93
Accounting: 96
Functions: 88 or 89
Chemistry: 84 or 85

So do you guys think I'll get into the western eng program? I did the connect profile with decent ECs. Let me know what eng programs you guys have applied, if you got an offer and when and avg u currently have!

***Update Final Sem 1 Marks:

English: 93
Accounting 96
Functions: 90
Chemistry 82  (RIP)

I got into Guelph at the beginning of Feb but that all I have heard. There has even been some kids that had below 90 avg (and did not do the connect) and got into Western eng before me. I know its still a little early but I feel like should have gotten an offer by now. Thoughts?

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Btw Eng is english
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