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I'm currently a Grade 12 student at Pickering High School in Ajax. For my university applications, I applied at multiple places. 
UFT Scarborough and Downtown for life sci
Waterloo-Biomed sci
York-Biomed sci
Queens-Life Sci
Mac-Life Sci
I will probably finish with an 87 average, and now its time for me to start making decisions.  Everyone in my family has done Engineering, so they don't  know much about any of these Life Sci programs.
My average was low this year, due to unpredictable circumstances, I usually have a low 90.
Which one do you guys think is best to get me to a med school. Any other advice regarding the unis and this program would be appreciated. 
Thank you

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Personally, I believe that McMaster or Queens would be the best to study science at just because they are known for their science programs and you will be able to get many more research opportunities due to their affiliations with many hospitals across Ontario (which become very important if medical school is your end goal). UofT is great too, just on the basis of that their one of the biggest universities with the best research opportunities, and finding one at UofT won't be as hard, but maintaining a good average needed for medical school will be harder than any other school. York is great because you will be able to achieve a high GPA if you work for it the only disadvantage york would have is you won't be able to find as many research opportunities, but tbh GPA is king at the end of the day. Waterloo has a mediocre science program not really known for sciences but good nonetheless as it is a well-known university across Canada. If you do go to McMaster or UofT you will have ALOT of competition with your peers because both of these universities accept 1000+ students so everybody is trying to get recommendation letters, research opportunities with professors, the 'bird' courses also fill up pretty quickly because more than half of the kids at these schools are trying to get a 4.0 GPA to get into medical school, you are really going to have to stand out at these universities. Waterloo and York are not as competitive because they don't have as many incoming first-year students, so the kids over there are able to stand out a little bit more with their professors. I personally would recommend McMaster life sciences (because I go here and I'm kinda biased :)). but McMaster is great, it is hard because our marks aren't as inflated as McMaster health sci kids marks are, but after first-year things get easier because you're in your major and you are used to the way universities work (just make sure you have a great relationship with at least one of your professors because you will need a recommendation letter while applying to research positions). But if you are not able to get in, then I would recommend Queens, and then york. 

Sorry for this huge answer, I remember when I was in Grade 12 and would ask people for answers and was never able to find a proper answer. 
Hopefully,  this answers everything and you get into your first choice!
Good Luck!
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Lol, all med school cares about is having an insanely high GPA. You need almost perfect A/A+ grades. Have you asked yourself what you're going to do with a useless life science degree if you don't go to med school? It doesn't matter where you go. They're all the same. I know Ryerson and UOIT grads who got into U of T medical school. All that matters is your grades. You applied to some very difficult programs, so good luck to you. You're going to need it.
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