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Potential Educational Opportunity Service - Gauging Interest

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Hey everyone,

Just looking to gauge interest in a prospective service. I'm thinking of starting a service that provides a report to prospective students, that outlines for them all the potential educational opportunities available to them, based on their interests and desired career paths. So as an example, one might state that they're interested in machine learning and AI, but don't know where to begin. I'd build out a report that talks about what schools are at the forefront in these areas, what specific research topics are being carried out by which school, what online resources are available, etc. I'm a recent graduate of a 4 year undergrad program, and changed degree paths a few times during these 4 years. A service like this would've been very beneficial to me when I was applying to schools, and I was curious if this would be the case for other people out there. Please let me know your thoughts! Cheers.
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If you're smart enough to attend university, you should be smart enough to do plenty of research beforehand before shelling out thousands of dollars. There are endless resources that you can find on the Internet to educate yourself about future careerpaths for free. People are just too lazy to do their homework so they end up either flunking out or graduating with a 100k piece of toilet paper.
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I agree with the first poster. You're essentially talking about a service that a) students should be doing themselves and b) parents, teachers, and guidance counselors should be helping high schoolers with. I mean, why else do they have a mandatory Gr.10 careers class in high school?  

When I was in high school, I was already research graduate and professional school programs, their requirements, and what I needed to do in undergrad to get there. I was talking to professionals in the field that I wanted to go into for advice and perspective. All it takes is some self-reflection and motivation on the part of the student themselves to figure out something as simple as post-secondary options, financial risks and investments, and career paths out there.  

The honest truth is that students have become more lazy and incompetent, yet the number of people with undergraduate degrees and unemployment/underemployment is increasing. There are people going to university for useless pieces of paper, who should be going to college or skilled trades programs. By the way, when I say "useless", I mean for that particular person. I did an arts degree and went to law school. I knew what I was doing and planned everything out from high school. Most people don't do that. 

The irony is that the current generation has the information web at their disposal and can't even be bothered to google basic undergraduate grades requirements. I see a lot of posts on here from students asking about programs and if they had the grades to get in, and even, what the requirements/prerequisites were - like, seriously, you want to go to university, but can't even be bothered to do 5 minutes of google searches?
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