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McMaster vs Western vs Queen’s vs UofG

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So I’m currently in Grade 12 and will be applying for universities soon. My goal is to get an undergrad science degree and apply to med school afterwards. The two universities I’ve originally planned to apply to were Western (Med Sci) and McMaster (Health Sci) as I’ve heard these are good programs for those looking to go to med school. I’ve also planned to apply to UofG (Biomed Sci) as a backfall in case I don’t get accepted to McMaster or Western. Recently, I found out about Queen’s’ Biomed Computing program and it seems really interesting. I’ve always liked learning about computers and technology (and biology) and it seems like something that would be very practical to learn for the future. However, I have little to no experience with programming/coding and I’m unsure if my lack of experience will be a significant burden for this program. I’m curious to hear your opinion towards each of these programs or how they would affect my chances of getting into med school/finding success in the future.
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Med schools in Canada don't care where you go or what you did your degree in. 


Western med sci doesn't start until the 3rd year (so people do drop out in first and second year), and only 19% of the graduating class got into medical school. So don't think that you need to do Western Med Sci to market yourself to med schools. All they really care about if your grades and MCAT score. If you're interested in that program at Queen's and believe it offers practical benefits should you not get into medical school, then I would absolutely consider it. Ask yourself what you will do with a life science or health science degree if you don't get into med school. 


Look at the Total Applicants and First Year Enrollment here.
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