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Life Sciences Acceptance Confusion- UW

I just have a quick question for any UW admissions experts here (I already emailed the admissions officer for science but just wanted to see if anyone else was in the same boat as me)! 

 So I got accepted to UW Life Sciences about a week ago. The only thing is, is that I applied to the biomedical sciences major on my OUAC application. I did not apply to any other science programs at UW. 

 On my acceptance letter, it didn't specify what major I was accepted to... it only said that I was accepted to life sciences... does this mean that I got into Biomedical Sciences, or does this mean that biomed is more competitive so they accepted me into Life Sciences for now and are waiting until later in the new year to make a decision based on AIFs, etc....... 

I know that there are about 4 majors you can get accepted to so I'm wondering if they accepted me into ANOTHER major maybe?? I don't know how I would check that unless you select a major first year, though how would that work if I selected 'biomed sci' in my OUAC application.. ahhhhh!!!


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