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Help, summer courses and University Applications

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Hey guys, 
So i'm currently in grade 11 and taking the IB diploma programme. I'm not sure what pathway I want to pursue and since I can't take all three sciences in Ib, I picked the life-sciences pathway (Chem and Bio). So I took normal (not Ib) gr.11 physics over summer and got a pretty high mark (91%) considering it was my first ever physics course (I found the course to be fairly simple as the majority of it was math). For pre-ib at my school, I fast tracked math and my gr.11 pre-ib math mark was a 95%. 

Since I'm taking physics gr.12 this following summer, I'm wondering that if I choose to go into engineering, will the more prestigious universities care that I took physics over the summer? I've heard several opinions on this already, some saying that Universities look down on it and some saying they won't care because I'm doing really well in math and the rest of my course marks that I'm applying with are all iB. Also, will it affect my chances of getting accepted? I'm in a lot of extracurricular such as Secretary Deputy of Model UN, Executive in Emerging Leaders, been with the Link crew for 2 years already, in the IB students association of Ontario, on the Athletic Council and crap ton of Sports Teams.

Btw, if I choose to go into engineering and not the medical field I will be applying for U of T, Waterloo, and a few American Schools.

Any replies are appreciated
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Universities know IB is very restrictive for classes, so they don’t care if you take another class in summer school.

I got into Waterloo engineering with summer school physics
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