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Help picking a university

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So I've received offers from UNB (business), Dalhousie (commerce), U of T (social science), UW (honours arts and business), SFU (business) and UBC (arts). (I honestly didn't know where to go so I applied to a variety of faculties and unis) I'm not sure where to go but I know I'll be doing a masters/JD or something similar after. Ideally, in the future, I'd be working in public policy, with the UN or an NGO of some sort. Help me decide, please... I'm so torn...
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If you want to do public policy then I think you would be leaning towards business or economics/political science, so from that regard I would eliminate UW and UBC (unless those areas fall under Arts). Then it comes down to what province do you want to study in and how big a school you wish to attend. How far from home do you want to go? UNB, Dal, U of T, and SFU are all good schools but you will have a different experience at each. To narrow down your choices I would look at the programming at each school and see what they have available that would tie into your future career goals and also what co-op or experiential opportunities that might exist. The other thing you might want to consider is that Ontario universities have higher student/faculty ratios than those from other provinces so it might not be a bad choice to look at schools other than U of T.
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