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grade 11 course selection

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I'm in grade 10 and I will be picking  courses soon for next year. I'm planning on pursuing science (not sure what specifically). So far, I have decided on:

ENG3U- English  
FSF3U- French
MHF4U- Adv. Functions  
SPH3U- Physics  
SCH3U- Chemistry  
SBI3U- Biology  
HSP3U- Anthro, Psych

Should I take a spare for the last one or maybe something that won't be too much work like art or tech design?
pls help!!
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You realize that grade 11 students aren't permitted to take spares, right? Even if you completed additional credits through summer school the guidance counsellors won't let you.
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^ +1 It's very unlikely that you will be allowed to take a spare in grade 11, even if you've fast tracked courses. 

I'd recommend computer science if your school offers it. If they don't just pick something you will enjoy but that doesn't have a heavy work load.
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You should be taking courses that are interesting in you. It's only your decision and based on this decision you will build your career, so it's important to choose wisely. I remember that I chose writing and I had so many problems with it because of lack of necessary skills. However, I managed to find a great helper https://edubirdie.com/essay-editing-service that gave me the possibility to learn how to write and improve my writing skills. But I would suggest you pick tech design because it's a very interesting field.
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