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EngSci leading to top US grad schools?

Hey guys,

 I'm a grade 12 student from Ontario and I'm interested in applying for Engineering Science at UofT. I know it's a super hard program and everyone says it's torture but I'm interested in the program because I would like to pursue my graduate studies at a top tier grad school in the US, i.e. Stanford, Harvard, MIT, etc. I was wondering if EngSci gives me any advantage of getting into those grad schools because I've heard that it increases your chances but I'm not too sure.

I'm also interested in Waterloo engineering but I feel like their coop program isn't for me because I would like to pursue a master's after my undergrad and Waterloo generally leads to a job instead. 

Anyways, I just wanted to know if EngSci would help to maximize my chances of attending these grad schools in the US and if not, what other programs would help with that? 

Thanks guys!
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Good luck getting a 4.0 GPA in that program, lmao.
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Yeah i know its impossible to get a 4.0 GPA but I heard that the prestige of the program itself is well-known among grad schools and that gives applicants a huge leverage, I'm just not too sure if its entirely true
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Wrong forum to post this. Ask this question in US graduate school forums and the U of T and Waterloo reddit.

I will say one thing though. Look, if you want to get into top US graduate schools, then so do other students in these programs as they attract some high calbre talent worldwide. So you need to be better than many, if not most of your peers, if you want to have a serious shot at getting into some elite US ivy leagues for graduate studies. Simply being in U of T engineering science doesn't mean anything if you have few research and volunteering experiences, were bottom of your class, and cannot obtain strong references from professors.

Before you even ask this question, you should be googling these US graduate programs and reading up on their admissions requirements. Look at profiles of students that got into these programs on LinkedIn - even better if they went to U of T or Waterloo engineering and got in. See what they did. I can tell you that it's probably the top students from these programs that go to elite US graduate studies for masters because they probably want to get their PhDs as well. These are the type of people who could work at Microsoft and Google, and probably do for a bit, but enjoy research and teaching more, so go on to pursue masters and PhDs. 

The honest truth is that there are high school kids that think doing an undergrad in U of T life science will give them a boost in the med school admissions process. Eng Sci is different because it will be viewed a little differently than if you went to Guelph or Ryerson, but someone who went to Ryerson and was top of their program, as opposed to someone bottom of their class at U of T, will have a better shot at getting into these elite graduate programs.

Don't expect a free ride. You still need to perform well and have good experiences once you get to university if you want to get into elite graduate programs. Now if you do perform very well in U of T engineering science, then sure, it will probably give you a boost. But that's a big maybe. 


U of T engineering science - cGPA 3.97 ranked 1st in class - MIT for graduate studies.

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