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Average/EC's for Eng Sci at UofT?

Hey guys!

So, like everyone else one here, I've been anxious concerning how I'll be doing as an applicant for various programs that I have my eye on. As you guys could probably guess from the title, I really hope to get into Eng Sci, simply because I hope to get into Grad School, hopefully for Physics at the Quantum Level. From what I've heard, the program is extremely challenging, but is also one of the most rewarding in terms on knowledge.
I know many of us are trying to get into the Engineering Science Program, so I thought I'd make a thread for us to talk!

The biggest reason I made this post is because I really wanted to see what other Eng Sci applicants think of my application (if its on par, above/below average) and I also have no relative 0 value, or exemplar, to compare my EC's, so I would appreciate if I could get feedback on whether they're 'strong' or 'decent' or 'weak', so that next time I wouldn't have to elaborate as much. Also, I don't know how much of a value they would attach to my EC's as opposed to my grades, especially with the low English marks that I have.

I guess the general organisation of marks and whatnot should be like:

School ranking, if known (check https://globalnews.ca/news/4405495/waterloo-engineering-grade-inflation-list/)

Grade 11 Marks + Grade 12 courses taken in Grade 11.

Grade 12 Marks.

General Description of Extracurriculars.

General thoughts about Eng Sci? I don't really know.

I mean, this is like a general guideline much like what i've seen on other threads, so no need to adhere it like its the law or whatnot.

So, in brief, here is a summary of my marks.

I go to a decent school (our school is ranked by Waterloo to have an overall mark drop of 12.5% from Grade 12 to First Year, compared to the 16.3 Ontario average, which isn't too bad).

Grade 11: 
I took the 4U AP math class at my school in Grade 11: 
Advance Functions 12: 98
Calc and Vectors 12: 98
Calc AB AP Exam: 5
Chem 11 U: 97
Physics 11 U: 95
Biology 11 U: 94
Comp Sci 11 U: 93 
English 11 U: 86. Low mark, I know, but I was the highest in my class and amongst the top ~7% percent of my grade.
Functions 11: 98 (Gifted/Enriched)
American History 11 U: 96
World History 11 M: 95

Grade 12:
English 12 U: 89 at the moment, probably will fall to 88 for midterms, which are 3 weeks from now. By the end of the year, I may bring it back up, it may even go to 90.
Chemistry 12 U: 95 (it may go +- 1-1.5%)
History 12 U: 96
I also have 1 spare.

I know that my grades may seem good enough to get in, but from what I've checked, Eng Sci, and by extension, UofT Engineering only calculate your average using your Physics, Math(s), Chem and English mark. Of these, English, for me, has always been lacking. As such, I am, in complete honesty, not sure in regards to whether I'll be competitive, and if I'll be competitive for scholarships (if I get in).

In terms of EC's: I really have had no relative value or exemplar to which to compare my EC's and state simply whether they are 'good' or 'weak' or what not. Personally, all of my EC's have been, exclusively, things that I am passionate about and interests that I have. I've really done nothing just because it'd look good on an application.

I played guitar, from grade 9 to 11, in a school jazz band that was awarded Gold Provincially for 2 years in a row, and Silver Nationally for those 2 years as well. I don't know how much this matters, as I stopped this after Grade 11.

I run my own band (I manage and play guitar) and we won 2nd at our school talent show last year and are auditioning this week for this year's show.

I'm in the final stages of submitting a game to the Windows Store, which I think is my biggest accomplishment. It's in C# and I've done ALL of the coding.

I'm a part of the Presidium (Executive Team) at the school Model UN club and have received multiple (about 3-4) awards. Nothing too special, like Best Delegate, though.

I'm a graduate of the Kumon math program. I actually just graduated this Friday!
 This means that I've done pretty much the entirety of 1st year math at most universities (Differential Equatons, Parametric Calc, Volumes by Rotation, Curve Sketching, etc.) which is pretty much the entirety of AP Calc BC.

I volunteer (I started this year) about 6 hours a week tutoring struggling local students for free during my spare in Math. This is done through my school.

I teach Game Development Classes at my School's Comp Sci Club, which I'm the Communications Executive of. This is sort of our Club's strongest class, as we still have 15+ kids from Grade 9-12 learning C#. without any previous experience needed almost 2 months in.

Also, (I really don't know if they'll care about this), I'll be taking part in the Ontario Science Centre Science School Program next term, which only about 60 kids get into annually, but I don't really know if it's THAT prestigious, as that may be due to low demand or awareness.

That's it! I have only innocent and humble intent in mind whilst posting this, because I really don't see any reason I would thrive off of the jealousy of random internet strangers posting harsh comments. I'm only writing this disclaimer of sorts because I've seen other, possibly well meaning, students get criticised for posting above-average marks.

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Your EC seems pretty good
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To me, you seem to have fairly competitive grades and ec. I was only having 94 average for grade 11 and probably 95 average for grade 12. The only significant activity I involved was a summer research program.
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