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PLEASE HELP!! I really desperately want to go to Queen's University. I am interested in the PPE program, economics program, sociology program, or psychology program. I want to go to law school after my undergrad (which has been my plan for years) so I'm not too concerned with which program I get into... literally anything. I'm an Ontario student, and I will be applying right out of high school. My average so far this year is 90, and I am feeling comfortable with my marks in all of my classes. The issue is that last year during second semester I went through a really hard time personally, and my marks for those courses were 72,73,74,78. Are those marks going to screw me over for getting into any of those programs? If I maintain an 87-93 average for my 6 grade 12 courses will they still deny my application because of those marks? What do you think my chances of admission are!
Political Science Students: what's your experience like?
Just really wanted some insight into the actual polisci experience as a prospective polisci student. It would be awesome if you guys could answer the following questions based on your experience within your program & anything else you'd like to add/wish you'd known before entering the program.

1. Institute of Study & year
2. Was co-op available? Where have your placements been? What has your experience been like at those placements and how have you been able to grow networking wise from those placements?
3. Other networking opportunities available at your school of study + unique experiences that have been made available to you through your program of study/institution of study (guest speakers, courses abroad, conferences, bilingual program etc.)
4. How have you enhanced your degree (clubs, volunteering etc.) and how has it helped you build skills & experience in the field?
5. Best & worst parts about the program in your opinion 
6. Ways the program has challenged you (critical thinking, essays, assignments etc.)
7. Advice for prospective students 
8. Hardships in the program/institution (profs, courses, lack of student support, financing experience/studies etc.)

Thanks guys! All the best to you 
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What is the forensic psychology program like at UOIT?
I don't have the recommended grade 12 math and science courses for it. I'm not fond of the first year courses that have to do with criminology, law, and political science. But after that I can choose the courses I like, and I don't know what in psychology exactly I want to study anyway. UOIT is the closest school to me. Everything else is too long of a bus ride. This is the only psychology program they offer and it's their standout program. I just want to know if it's worth it as opposed to going into psychology at Trent where I have more freedom in course selection and a fifty minute bus ride.
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Is the bell curve at SFU Beedie really horrible?
So I got into UBC Arts and SFU Beedie, and I'm sooo conflicted right now! I'm scared that if I choose Arts I won't be able to find a job, and co-op is really important to me but UBC's co-op is supposed to be really hard to get into. Arts is what I'm more naturally drawn to, but it's well known that it's hard to get a job with an Arts degree unless you get really good co-op or continue school to get a Master's degree. Arts is really interesting, but I'm not really sure what I would do as a job. My parents say I should work for the government, but I don't know what path I should take to get there. I don't have a plan if I go into Arts, so I feel like I'll waste time. As for Business, I have a plan and I know I wanna go into HR, but I feel like I'm not naturally made for it. The bell curve is a big concern for me too. >_< What are your opinions and what can you say about the bell curve?

- Nice campus
- Prestigious, the UBC title
- No mountain
- Arts is more up my alley  

- I don't know what I want to do in Arts, I would probably try out a lot of subjects and be anxious and there's the risk of not having a job
- The commute is longer, like an hour by bus
- Arts doesn't really have a good reputation

SFU Beedie PROS:
- Shorter commute, half an hour by bus
- The reputation of being a Beedie business student is better
- Greater chance of finding a job after graduation
- I know i want to get into HR as a concentration for Business

SFU Beedie CONS:
- There's a mountain so there's a risk of being stuck at school if it snows like this year
- Gloomy campus, not as nice
- I will probably struggle in Business at first because I have no experience and it is out of my comfort zone
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Should I take Calculus 12 if I'm getting into Psychology?
Hi, I'm currently in Grade 11 and I've recently gotten my course selection sheet. I'm planning to either get into Psych Arts or Psych Sciences but haven't decided which one to choose yet, so I'm trying to do as many courses to reach the enrollment requirements of both. My GPA is currently 95% and my courses include:
- Chem 11
- Physics 11
- Pre-Calculus 12
- French 11
- Socials, English

Next year I'm planning on taking:
- Chem 12
- Bio 12
- French 12
- Photography 12
- Psychology 12
- Info-tech 12

I'm not sure if I should take Calculus 12, if I'm leaning towards social sciences. Do universities like Calculus on your transcript? Should I swap out the easier courses with harder ones? My school also has Economics, Entrepreneurship, Law, etc.
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How long will they send out admissions for?
How long will they send out admissions for Social Sciences/Honours Arts programs in universities? Please help me out! I still didn't get accepted anywhere and i'm panicking.
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Important question about Western University Social Sciences program!!
For the Social Sciences program at Western University (Ontario), is there a required english average for the program since it's the only pre-requisite?
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Scared about horrendous Grade 11 Marks/First Attempt Grade 12 Marks

Long story short, I went through a period of serious mental illness and addictions. My Grade 11 year was around 75%, and my Grade 12 year dipped in further. I failed or barely passed the majority of my courses, and attempted a "Grade 13" year. With illness/addiction just as prevalent, I'm sure you already know how that ended up :P

Anyway, this past year I cleaned myself up, and am attending an adult secondary school and I am completing my six pre requisite courses, and I'm getting around 90%. How badly have I hurt my chances of getting accepted? I applied for engineering to Queens, Western, Mac, Guelph.
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Chances of getting accepted?
I'm a gay trans vegan feminist with a 99.99 average applying to womyn studies. My extracurriculars consist of knocking on doors and reminding members of the patriarch to check their privilege. I also shoot men on a daily basis. 

Will I get in? Pls be honest this is my future
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Uni Applications
Grade 11 student here. When an application asks for your EC's, does that include all of high school or what? Trying to keep track of mine