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virtual high school
has anyone done a course with VHS? specifically the grade 12 advanced function course? im doing it right now and i was wondering if the exam is hard.
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Math aspect of Finance
Hey guys,

Here's a quick backstory: I am currently a highschool student in GR 10. My average is around 91, with high 90s in math and science. I am interested in Finance, specifically the stock market and investment banking. My end goal would wanting to have my CFA and working on Bay Street.

I want to study something in finance, especially the math aspect of finance. But I don't really know which programs would best fulfill my dreams. I have looked at Queens Commerce, Mathematical Finance at uWaterloo, and Ivey Western,. Could you guys please recommend which programs I should apply to or if anyone else was in the same boat at me, if you could share which path you took. 

Thanks alot.
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uWaterloo FARM
Im a high school student trying to figure out what i'm going to go with my life. I narrowed it down to finance and was very impressed with the FARM course at uWaterloo. Im planning on taking english, religion, data, calc, adv func (done in gr11), accounting, personal finance, physics, and chem in gr. 12. The sciences are not a pre-requisite nor is it recommended. I thought about taking them because I would consider myself fairly good at both (estimated final mark around low 90's for each). Should I take these courses, or are they unneccasary and just going to add more stress. Or will these courses give me an advantage since there the more difficult classes. And if anyone else knows more about FARM and would like to share, you are more than welcome.
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so Ive decided that my plan B its to go to teachers college after graduation. I am currently in a bachelor of science math & stats degree first year. so I have a couple questions
1. is it true that if I want to teach secondary school that I have to have 2 teachable? 
2. if I need two teachables would economics count as one? 
3. do you think it would be better to just switch into a bachelor of arts economics and math program instead of staying in my math program and minoring in economics? 
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UofT Math Apps in Finance and Economics
I am planning to attend UofT for this Mathematical Applications in Economics and Finance. On the UofT website, it says that the degree acquired from taking this program is "Honours Bachelor of Science (Physical & Mathematical Sciences)". With this degree, can you apply to high level economics and finance jobs in the future? What pathways (i.e. what degrees) must be taken in order to get high level economics or finance jobs? 
How does this degree compare to BBA or BComm degrees when job searching. I applied to this program because high level math courses and economics courses are included in the program. With this, I feel that there will be better job opportunities in the world of Econ and Finance as I will have a better understanding of key concepts, rather than an overall knowledge in business which is typically achieved through BBA.
Mathematics and Finance/Economics at UOFT
I am planning to attend University of Toronto for the Mathematical Applications in Economics and Finance program at St. George. If anyone know of, or has taken this program, I have a few questions: 
- Is this a good program if planning to do MBA or Masters of Finance after graduating 

 - Are there high level jobs that you can get after completing this program. What are some of the jobs that you get with this program (HBSc degree in Mathematical and Physical Sciences) 

- Do you recommend this program, and how rigorous is it?
Did anyone get into UofT Physical & Mathematical Sciences?
Hello, I applied to UTSG Mathematics this year and I've got about 92%+ after this semester. 
I've already done: 
Advanced Function 95%
Calculus 93%
G11 Chemistry 94%
G11 Physics 90%
This semester mid-term:
Data Management 96% and probably 96% for the final
G12 Physics 86% and probably 86% or 85% for the final
G11 English 91%
And I also applied Chemical Engineering, do I have a chance to get in?
Thanks so much.
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Depressed about my marks (do I have a chance at uottawa?)
Hey guys,

Over the past month I've been stressing out over my marks,  I really don't know what to do at this point, it would devastate my parents if I don't get accepted to uottawa.

What are my chances of going into uOttawas joint honours in computer science/mathematics program with these marks:

ENG4U: 66 (second time taken, first was failed at summer school, I suck at english)
FSF4U: 65 (I suck at french too)
MCV4U: 85
MHF4U: 87
MDM4U: 80
ICS4U: 90

As you can see, I SUCK A** at english/french, am okay at math and computer science and its why I chose to pursue this field.

Will uOttawa only calculate my top 6 average which is 79, or will they look at that crappy english mark and not accept me? 

This will sound retarded LOL but is it possible to take a course (english) for a third time? What are my options guys?

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I am currently in grade 11, and I always have wanted to become a doctor. But recently I don't think that's a possibility, I have an 85 in Biology, and I've been told that mark is not up to University standard, It was my midterm but everyone around me is getting 90s, and they get pretty upset about it. I've been told three times that I am not smart enough to get into any University or to become a doctor. Is it true that an 85 is too low? I am willing to work harder, and I want to become a doctor, but should I give up? Should I even bother applying to UofT or UW? I am so nervous and confused
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Transferring programs within University of Waterloo?
If I got into Physical Sciences co-op at University of Waterloo and then I spend a year in that program, will I be able to transfer into Mathematics co-op at the end of first year if I meet a certain average and have similar courses to what the Mathematics program requires for first year? Will I graduate later than my friends? Will I have to take an extra term of school?
Retaking 11U Functions
I'm not doing very well in my university functions class. I was wondering that if I retook the class over the summer before grade 12, it would be beneficial. What are the chances that universities will look at my eleventh-grade marks? Will they look down upon me for retaking the class for a better average? 
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Does U of T treat online course marks differently when you apply?
I'm interested in applying to U of T for math and economics, just economics, or statistics. The admission requirement is just Gr 12 English and calculus & vectors with an average of mid-high 80's. So far my average is at 83%. I know I have to bring my marks up quite a bit so I want to take easier courses for next semester, but most of those courses are full at my school. 

 I'm considering taking online courses instead. But before I sign up for those, I'm just wondering, does U of T treat marks of courses taken online differently? 

 Also, is the admission average really mid-high 80's? Or is it like Waterloo where it's so competitive that it can go up to 90's?
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Hardest Units in Pre Cal 12 (British Columbia)
I was wondering what the hardest units are in pre cal 12 out of the following. 

1. Function Transformations
2. Polynomials and Rationals
3. Function Operations/Inverses
4. Trigonometric Functions
5. Trigonometric Equations
6. Logarithms and Exponets 
7. Combinatorics 

I’ve done the first 3 chapters so far and find them good so far. However I heard a lot of people say the two trig units and logs are hard. If you have taken the course, which ones did you find hard.

I’ve heard however pre cal 12 doesn’t really show up much in University compared to calculus 12.
Potential Educational Opportunity Service - Gauging Interest
Hey everyone,

Just looking to gauge interest in a prospective service. I'm thinking of starting a service that provides a report to prospective students, that outlines for them all the potential educational opportunities available to them, based on their interests and desired career paths. So as an example, one might state that they're interested in machine learning and AI, but don't know where to begin. I'd build out a report that talks about what schools are at the forefront in these areas, what specific research topics are being carried out by which school, what online resources are available, etc. I'm a recent graduate of a 4 year undergrad program, and changed degree paths a few times during these 4 years. A service like this would've been very beneficial to me when I was applying to schools, and I was curious if this would be the case for other people out there. Please let me know your thoughts! Cheers.
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Computer Science Waterloo 2019 Applicants
First semester midterms are upon us, we all now know where we can go for post-secondary. I want to focus this thread on students applying to Computer Science at Waterloo starting in September 2019. Start by posting your grade 12 marks (earned/projected) and all extra curricular you are involved in, in-school our out-school. Good luck!

My grade 12 marks (projected): 
1. 93% English (Projected)
2. 95% Adv. Fns (Projected) > 87% at midterms - I know, it's terrible :( 
3. 99% Calc. & Vectors (Projected) 
4. 100% Computer Science (Projected) 
5. 99% Accounting Mixed (Projected) > 97% at midterms 
6. 98% Communication Technology Mixed > 98% at Midterms 

Other courses:
1. Families in Canada, 90% at midterms, trying my best to get a 95%+  

1. Student Council Executive Minister of Finance, Records and Relations 
2. DECA Vice President of Communications 
3. Lead Designer of Annual Yearbook (and President of Yearbook Committee) 
4. Business Specialist High Skills Major Student 
5. Robotics Club 
6. Grade 9 and 10 Math Tutor 
7. Math/Chess Club 
8. Eco Club 

1. McDonald's Part-Time Job - 8 months 
2. Online Graphic Design business - 2 years. (avg. $2,000 sales per month, send receipts, and file all sales, everything on my own) 
3. Basketball Coach (Local City Recreation Centre) 
4. 3 month experience (to-date) in Python (working on small projects/games to demo) 
5. Learning other programming languages on the side. 

Overall, I spend on average 30 hours a week on extra curricular while being a full time student and still maintaining a 95%+ average. I developed a huge passion for computer science last semester while taking the course (ICS3U)  and further researched but careers and I just got locked-in. I honestly don’t think I will get in because I’m taking English in private school, however, the school is Ministry inspected (i don’t think they care about that, private school is private school)
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Grade 12 Data Management - PLEASE HELP ME, I am suffering.

What the hell is this? It’s only been a month into school and I’m already on the verge of failing data management because I don’t understand a THING. What I’ve been doing in class is completely brand new material to me, and we’ve finished the probability and permutations unit so far, but I have no idea what’s going on... I don’t know how to use the formulas because the questions are not straight forward algebra, they’re tricky word questions and I am absolute ass at word questions, and it seems like this course requires a lot of analyzation. Even the difference between an “and” or an “or” in the question can completely change the answer. I don’t think I’m bad at math per se, since I’m getting a 90 in advanced functions, but I can’t even do my data management homework without googling the solutions for every question because I just don’t know how to do them. No, my teacher is NOT helpful.

That’s why I’m turning to y’alls Yconic regulars because I know most of you are really smart. So my question for you guys is: How did you improve your data management mark if you started off very badly? How can I improve myself?

tl;dr - data management is hard, how can i improve on my own?

Please help me, it feels like I have a bulldozer up my asshole. Thank you for taking the time to read and perhaps answer.
Has anybody taken Pre cal 12 online before (BC)
I’m currently enrolled with ebus academy and had a question on how difficult the unit tests are. Are they generally similar to the practice tests or are they harder? Also how many questions are they usually out of?
Messed up my first adv functions test
Hey guys,
I'm so depressed right now I got back my first adv functions test and I got a fricking 69%. I knew I messed up but I was expecting at least a 74%. I'm an academic student that always expects to get 90s and I am aiming for some of the top cs schools. Math has never been my strong suit as I am more of a science guy but I've always maintained high 80s to low 90s. I'm so angry with myself for making stupid mistakes and feel like I put my future in jeopardy. The sad part is the test was so easy and all my classmates got above 80. 
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Ask me Anything: Ivey HBA Transfer 2018 from another university
Not going to say my university of transfer.
It's from an Ontario university but it's not Toronto or Waterloo.

I've been in your position before. I really just want to help students make better decisions towards their careers so that they can one day contribute more effectively in their communities. 

I'm the  OP for this post linked below. I really encourage that you take a read on that one too! 

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What course should I take first?
Hi! I’m interested in astrophysics, and I was looking at a program that the university of Alberta offers in this field. Except what I’m wondering is, should I take a more general course before I go into a small stream? If this is the case should I study engineering, math, or physics? My relatives think I should go into engineering first, except I’m interested in astrophysics not for the math (which I don’t mind) but for the theory, and pure curiosity of what is out there. What do you guys recommend? Thanks in advance!
College level math in grade 12

I was wondering if anyone who has taken, or knows someone who has taken college level math in grade 12, and can tell me how hard it is, and how much work it has. I am currently taking MAP4C1 and need it for the credit, and hope that it doesnt distract me from my other courses. 
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Taking Pre Cal12 Online, did anybody else take it online before?
I was just wondering if anybody else had taken pre cal 12 online before. How did you find it and what was your mark?
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Is EBus online school good?
I plan on taking Pre cal 12 with Ebus academy. They seem pretty good. Does anybody have experience with them or another online school in which they have taken math in. Some others I’ve heard of is Bc school online and Sail academy.
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Best Pre calculus 12 online course with easy tests
I am going into grade 11 and already did pre cal 11 in the summer, got 87%. I won’t be able to take pre cal 12 in the school year since the priority goes towards grade 12 students. So I was thinking about taking it online. Any recommendations of online courses that teach pre cal 12 and have fair tests. I have heard some online courses don’t even have final exams. Will UBC and other universities such as SFU evaluate online courses the same as in class courses or are they stricter?
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95% in Grade 12, but 78% in Grade 11. Will I receive an early admission for civil engineering?
I have 78% average in Grade 11, but I'm expecting to get 95%+ this semester due to preparing and improving the entire summer. Some of my extracurricular are:
- Learned numerous programming languages on my own
- Lead developer, graphic designer, and architect of a large Canadian financial firm's website
- Won first place in my school in a writing contest for avid readers

Looking to get into UofT, Waterloo, or such.