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Hey I just finished my first term at Laurier and I’m in the Double Degree BBA and Financial Math program. I found this site super useful to me last year so I’d like to give back by answering the incoming students’ questions! Feel free to ask away! I will try to reply ASAP ! Good luck on your applications!!
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MCV4U Prerequisite
If a student were to apply for a certain program where MCV4U(Grade 12 Calculus and Vectors) is a prerequisite, but can't submit it since the student has it in second semester, would the student get automatically rejected? If the university would not reject and would wait until the student submits a grade for that course, would it be included as a top 6 or would it be some kind of conditional offer where the university would ask to reach a certain %?

Sorry if my questions are incomprehensible/dumb, I will try to fix them if so. Still, much thanks in advance.
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Gr. 12 courses for Psych (BA)?
So I am planning on applying to Psychology (BA) programs for universities next year (My number one school is University of Guelph btw). I am currently in grade 11 and have to soon choose my courses for next year, I am aware that the only courses for this program that are required are English and 5 other U/M courses. I am here to ask what other courses I should take that will help me when I do make it to university for Psych. I am thinking of taking Bio and a math, but I am not sure if I will really need it as it not a requirement. So will taking bio and math increase my chances of getting in? So if anyone could offer me some advice on what to take based off their own experience or what they've heard about Psych courses? That would be great! Thanks! (I posted this question before to but forgot to ask if it improves my chances of getting in if I take the recommended courses too instead of just the required)
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Is it possible to be an actuary and a computer scientist?
Since uoft offers the cs and statistics major is it possible to be both?
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Does U of T treat online course marks differently when you apply?
I'm interested in applying to U of T for math and economics, just economics, or statistics. The admission requirement is just Gr 12 English and calculus & vectors with an average of mid-high 80's. So far my average is at 83%. I know I have to bring my marks up quite a bit so I want to take easier courses for next semester, but most of those courses are full at my school. 

 I'm considering taking online courses instead. But before I sign up for those, I'm just wondering, does U of T treat marks of courses taken online differently? 

 Also, is the admission average really mid-high 80's? Or is it like Waterloo where it's so competitive that it can go up to 90's?
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Going from 85 to 90 in calculus
Hi, I'm currently taking calculus right now and I'm at an 85 flat right now. My goal for the course is at least a 90, but honestly I'm not sure if I can make it. To anybody who has taken calculus before, what are some tips or advice that you recommend? I understand most of the concepts, but I always run out of time on the tests, especially for the thinking and the communication sections for the test. What can I do to improve?
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Grade 11 marks
Hello everyone. 

Ok so to start, I currently just started grade 11. I am looking to get into health sciences in a good university, and realize that I need about an 85-90 average.

My grades are usually pretty good. In grade 10 I got 
math- 88%
English- 90%
Science- 90%

although I have not started this year well.

We just recieved our progress reports and although there is not many assignments on there I am still very stressed. In science I got an 89%, although in math I got a 52%.

I am usually pretty good at math although I have been struggling this year. 

Any tips on what I can do (good ways to study, or other tips)

Thank You for reading and I would greatly appreciate responses!
Good at business but bad at Math
Hey guys I am in grade 12, I have my own online business on Shopify where I generate over 5k revenue each month, I am really good at business stuff, being the owner, marketing, financial calculations, dealing with customers, etc.. But I am not the best at math, I have a 76 in data management right now, which is the easiest math apparently. I was wondering if I am not good at math should I still pursue a career in business or should I change my path? Thanks for ur help!
Are all private schools the same?
Hi, I am thinking of doing AF private school, I have looked at so many different ones, they all range from 500-2000, how do I know which one is the best? Also is it guaranteed a 90 in private school? Thanks
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University Looking at marks
Ok so currently I am taking both biology and chemistry in adult school. They go by quadmesters so ill be done both these courses by November 9th. Now calc and data are offered only during the third and fourth quadmester. So the third starts January 31st.

Im planning to take either calc or data, but will universities still look after date for marks from schools like adult school and not reject me because I took calculus before and got a 70, so will they use the 70 and reject me or will they wait until the quadmester ends which is April 16th?

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Planning Gr.12 schedule
I'm a grade 11 student in BC and I'm trying to plan what subjects I'm going to be taking next year when I'm in gr 12.

Right now I have:
Semester 1: Law 12, psychology 11, socials 11, pre-cal honours 11
Semester 2: English 11, french 11, photography 11, physics 11

Next year in Gr 12 I'm planning to take:
Eng 12, Precal 12, Chem 12, Bio 12, AP Calc, plus 1-2 other easy courses and spares

Do you think my gr 12 year is going to be hard if I take all of these courses? Because I'm wondering if I would have enough time for university application stuff I have too much workload in gr.12 year. Is it better to take some of those in Gr.11 year so I have more room and flexibility in Gr 12 year? If so, I can take french online and take one other Gr. 12 course next semester in gr.11. I'm thinking of taking pre-cal 12 or bio 12.

Please recommend the best option for me!!

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Taking AP helps with Uni application??
I'm a grade 11 student in BC and I'm thinking about taking some AP courses in Gr.12.
My school's offering 3 AP courses - AP Physics, AP Statistics, AP Calculus. I'm planning to take AP Calc but I'm wondering if I should also take other APs. I want to know how rigorous the AP courses are and how much time is needed to prep for the AP exam.

From my friends and other students, I've heard that taking AP courses help with the university application. But I'm wondering if that's true. Does it really help if you take many APs?
I also want to know what happens if you take the AP course but not take the exam. Do you not get recognized as much as a student who took the exam?

Please share your opinions!!

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Is EBus online school good?
I plan on taking Pre cal 12 with Ebus academy. They seem pretty good. Does anybody have experience with them or another online school in which they have taken math in. Some others I’ve heard of is Bc school online and Sail academy.
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Help, summer courses and University Applications
Hey guys, 
So i'm currently in grade 11 and taking the IB diploma programme. I'm not sure what pathway I want to pursue and since I can't take all three sciences in Ib, I picked the life-sciences pathway (Chem and Bio). So I took normal (not Ib) gr.11 physics over summer and got a pretty high mark (91%) considering it was my first ever physics course (I found the course to be fairly simple as the majority of it was math). For pre-ib at my school, I fast tracked math and my gr.11 pre-ib math mark was a 95%. 

Since I'm taking physics gr.12 this following summer, I'm wondering that if I choose to go into engineering, will the more prestigious universities care that I took physics over the summer? I've heard several opinions on this already, some saying that Universities look down on it and some saying they won't care because I'm doing really well in math and the rest of my course marks that I'm applying with are all iB. Also, will it affect my chances of getting accepted? I'm in a lot of extracurricular such as Secretary Deputy of Model UN, Executive in Emerging Leaders, been with the Link crew for 2 years already, in the IB students association of Ontario, on the Athletic Council and crap ton of Sports Teams.

Btw, if I choose to go into engineering and not the medical field I will be applying for U of T, Waterloo, and a few American Schools.

Any replies are appreciated
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Take Data or Calc?
So last year i got a 74 in calculus. I have an 88 in advanced functions and 90 in business. 

I want to know if i should take calculus and vectors again and improve my mark or take data, because a lot of people say it's one of the easier maths.

I was doing really good with the calculus part, but when vectors came, I completely flopped.

Also i have searched the uni's i want to get into and they give you the option to take data or calc.

Now my goal is to achieve a high 80 or low 90s for my second math, whether it be calc or data.
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MHF4U Advanced Functions
Hello, I'm going into grade 11(starting school tomorrow) and I'm taking grade 12 Advanced functions this year, since I completed MHF3U in grade 10. How big of a jump is it from grade 11 math to grade 12 math? I reviewed most of the units over the summer, but I'm not sure what to expect. Most people I've talked to said it wasn't very hard, but I would like to receive more opinions. 

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High School Counsellars Won’t Give Me Pre Cal 12 course
I’m a high school student going into grade 11. I already did pre calculus 11 in summer school to get ahead. Any how,  I had to get pre cal 11 switched out for pre cal 12 for the school year. The problem is the counsellors said the classes are already over max capacity and they can only waitlist me. This is making it hard on me, since the whole point of taking pre cal 11 in summer was to get a head start. If I don’t do pre cal 12 this year, I will forget a lot of the things. And then I will be forced to do both pre cal 12 and calculus 12 next year. Does anybody have experience with getting classes when waitlisted in high school. The funny thing is, my friend went after me, however he has a different counsellor as it’s based off last name and he got pre cal 12. How does that make any sense. Ive been told by others to get my parents involved, as counsellors will listen to parents more than students. I’m really stressed out right now.
Switch from FARM to CFM?
Hello! I am going to be going to Waterloo in the Fall of 2018 for Math/FARM. I was wondering how difficult it may be to switch into CFM as I just started programming over the summer and have enjoyed it (im considering going into FinTech). Thanks!
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*Comparatively* (to Uoft and uw) easier cs program in Ontario?
I know I know no program is easy, (nor it should be), especially not a cs program. But some universities must be comparatively easier than others, lighter load, less stress inducing, anxiety inducing, than UofT or UW.   

I like programming and I have since I was 16 but I've always dealt with severe anxiety and ocd and thats why my parents don't want me to do a hard program but I told them I want to do it I just want to do it at a school that I know I won't get burnt out of and drop out.

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HELP - math jobs ?!?!
I really like math and may want to study it in university but I have no idea what I would do other than engineering. PLEASE HELP.
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Okay. Last minute I decided to drop bio. I used to dream of becoming a doctor but now that I actually research more and more of it, I don’t think I’m a good fit for that career. I like math and working with numbers more in general. Business is also interesting to me. I’m going to take physics instead because chem and physics are needed for the eng fields which I may want to go into. My question is which option sounds more ideal?
Sem 1: physics 
Sem 2: chem and functions
Sem 1: physics and chem
Sem 2: functions
I’m good at both math and chemistry and I NEED to have physics in first semester. Which option would you pick?
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Grade 12
I am about to enter grade 12, this is what my course load is signed up to be:

Families in Canada


If I'm not the strongest at chem or math, should I maybe take only one spare, and replace the other with an easy M level course? Or would it be better to have the time on a spare to study for these courses? 
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