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Potential Educational Opportunity Service - Gauging Interest
Hey everyone,

Just looking to gauge interest in a prospective service. I'm thinking of starting a service that provides a report to prospective students, that outlines for them all the potential educational opportunities available to them, based on their interests and desired career paths. So as an example, one might state that they're interested in machine learning and AI, but don't know where to begin. I'd build out a report that talks about what schools are at the forefront in these areas, what specific research topics are being carried out by which school, what online resources are available, etc. I'm a recent graduate of a 4 year undergrad program, and changed degree paths a few times during these 4 years. A service like this would've been very beneficial to me when I was applying to schools, and I was curious if this would be the case for other people out there. Please let me know your thoughts! Cheers.
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Political Science -- what University?
Queen's Western or U of T for social science?  I'm looking to study a combination of political science, economics, and history. I know most say it doesn't matter, but just looking for some opinions.

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Arts, UBC or McGill? - Undergraduate
Hey guys, so I've been admitted to both schools, and I'm struggling to choose in-between the two. 
I am an international student, and I've been living in BC for 4 years (I really like the weather here). I've been to Montreal, though it was too cold and too dry for me, I can still bear with it if I have to.
In uni, I'll study History, and maybe do Spanish/French as my major/minor. After my study, I'd like to pursue a law degree in the States (or Canada), so I am also wondering which of the two has a better reputation in the N.A.? Or which of the two gives higher marks?
Personally, I think McGill is academically stronger than UBC, and its tuition is a WOW!! But McGill didn't offer me any scholarships (my marks in gr.11 probably dragged me QvQ), and UBC gave me CAD $80,000, it's really tempting.
I don't have a strong preference in weather and climate. Honestly, I just want to quickly finish my undergraduate study (with good marks...), get onto law school, graduate and start to make some money...
Based on my descriptions, which school do you guys think that I should pick? Thanks a lot!
Government of Canada History Awards
Hey, did anyone from yconic apply for the Government of Canada History Awards this year? If so, what did you write about? (I wrote about Expo 67). What are the chances of winning an award from the program?
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E-Learning for Civics and Career Studies and History?
I am currently a freshmen looking to reach ahead in grade 10, a way of doing so would be to complete Civics and Career Studies and History via E-Learning. Would any of you recommend this and please feel free to describe any prior experiences.
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Humanities and Social Sciences University Applicants for 2018/2019
I've just noticed that there aren't many Humanities or Social Sciences forums. Have any of you already gotten acceptance letters? What are your top choices? What are your prospective majors?
Personally, I would like to double major in History and Political Science. My top choices are UofT, McMaster, and York.
Can I still bring my mark up?
I was hoping to get a 90% by midterm in history but I bombed a test (54%) that brought my mark down to an 86%. Usually, it's really hard for me to bring my mark up by finals but is it possible to still finish with a 90% Usually if it's only 2% below what I want I'm able to bring it up but over that, I'm not too sure.
What universities allow you to major in a science and in an art as in the form of a double major?
Hi guys,
So I'm a student in Grade 12 and I am thinking of going into life sciences. However, I am also very interested in Political science and history, so I'd like to keep an open option to be able to major in one of those as well(I know weird combination). I know that U of T allows you to major in a science and major in an art as well, but it seems to be hard to find the info for other universities regarding that.  So what other schools allow you to do that in Ontario and outside of Ontario?
McMaster VS U of T: History
I've applied to U of T and McMaster for History. I had a 92% average for grade 11 and I expect to receive the same average or higher for this year. I was wondering which school is better for history- I am interested primarily in European History. I know that where you get your undergrad ultimately doesn't matter once you get a job, but I'm looking to get the most enjoyable experience during my undergrad. 

Thank you!
Will I be accepted to U of T?
I'm currently in grade 12 and I'm going to apply to U of T (utm). I want to take a bachelors of arts - majoring in history and minoring in maybe English or sociology. This year, I'm expecting my average to be from 90-94, because that's what I've had the last 3 years + I'm taking courses I'm stronger in (i.e. not math or science). I've heard that U of T is very hard to get into and that the programs are difficult. The U of T website says the only required course is English which I got a 96 in last year and I will probably get the same mark this year (if not higher because I'm putting way more effort in this year). I'm in 1 extracurricular and I have just over the hours required to graduate.
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Are BAs really hard at U of T?
I'm in grade 12 and I'm currently looking at universities to go to next year. I want to get a BA, I haven't chosen the major yet but it will probably be history with a minor in English. I was just wondering, are the classes extremely hard/impossible to get a good mark even if you try? I have heard many tales of students getting terrible marks even when they try, and who regret going to U of T, but usually this stories are from people taking engineering/science, etc. My average this year will probably be between 90 and 94, since normally my average is 90 + I'm not taking courses I'm bad at that brought my average down below the last years.

Also, will I have any trouble getting into the program? The website says the admissions are mid 70's and require English. Last year I got a 96 in English and I will probably get a similar mark this year too. Also I don't have that many volunteer hours. I have what I need to graduate and a few more but that's it. I am in 1 extra curricular too. 
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Can I get into McGill with an 89 average?
I'm currently in grade 12 and I had an 89 average last year and will likely pull out of this year with a 92 or 93 average. I'm planning to do a history degree and would really love to go to Mcgill, where they """say""" the minimum grade for a BA is 86. Would I qualify for regular acceptance?
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Hello everyone,

My name is Max. I have been living in the UK for five years. I tried to enter the University of Kent in England which I did. I relied on government financial help which I was entitled to but did not receive for some unknown reasons. They explained it that I did not have enough evidence for my address history in the UK. That was strange because I presented all the necessary proof of addresses. I don't know it might be Brexit and change in the regulations of Great Britain that became an obstacle for obtaining student finance. I am married and have two kids and it's very difficult for me to find money for education. My passion is languages, literature and history. I read a lot. The other day I was watching the opportunities of studies in the United States. Could someone help me, please? I really want to get a PhD. At the moment I hold a Master's degree in Linguistics, Translation and Interpretation. My search led me to this website. Could you, please, tell me how it works and whether it is possible to get any help?

Many thanks in advance

Course Selection
So I'm I'm going into life sci at mac and I'm in the process of planning my courses and I was thinking of taking History of Greece and Rome as an elective. I know its not really a bird course and I am planning on taking microeconomics to ease my load but I'm really interested in history and I was wondering how hard that course really is. If it truly is significantly more difficult than other bird courses I'll probably just take one of those instead.
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Elective to take with engineering, Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, or History of the last 10 years?
Hello, I am building my U of A engineering schedule, and I have one choice of a complementary elective. I narrowed down my options to the 3 aforementioned ones. What should I choose? 
Econ 101 - Microeconomics
Econ 102 - Macroeconomics
Hist 114 - History of the last 10 years?

Thanks guys
Choosing and Applying to Universities
Hey there, everyone. I'm currently in Grade 11 so I still have one year left to find out which university I'm going to apply to. Currently I'm considering the University of Waterloo, the University of Guelph, and Wilfrid Laurier University for programs in the arts. I want to study history and language, but I'm not quite sure what my best options are going to be. 

I've researched some of the programs offered, but I'm not certain which ones would best suit my future career goals. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
McGill Admission For Bach of Arts
HI Guys,
I finished high school in June and am currently working. I am hoping to apply to McGill for the fall of 2017. I was just wondering if anyone who has gotten accepted in the past could tell me if my marks are good enough for the Arts Faculty. From my understanding, they only look at top five of your best grade 12 marks. 
Here are mine:
English: 85
Family studies:90
Religions: 97

P.S: I'm from Manitoba if that makes any difference. 
Thanks for all your help in advance :)
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McGill Arts - Chances of getting in?
I'm an Ontario student hoping to get accepted to McGill's Faculty of Arts (first year would be in September 2017)

The average for consideration for my program is 86%, but I'm not sure how competitive it'll actually be; furthermore, my grade 11 marks weren't great (I have nine grade 11 courses on my transcript, from which an 81% average can be calculated) - will this affect my entry into the program?

My current grade 12 marks are as follows:
AP French - 93%
Sociology - 90%
Law - 94%
English - 97%

What are my chances of being accepted? Also, when is the earliest that I could expect a response, considering my grade 12 marks and that McGill has to first access my OUAC?

Thank you!
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How do I simply pass the SAT World History exam?
I'm only looking to score a 450 in world history and it is important for me to do so. I have less than 3 weeks of study. What are the chapters I must focus on the most so that I can score a 450?
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socials studies 11 HELP!!!
I am getting only school mark  80% in SS11. My provincial exam mark is not going to be high. I tried some practice exam, got 60 something. In that way, I may only get 75 or something as a overall mark. My worst subject has been socials since forever. My others range from mid 80 to mid 90.  My 4 highest average is high 80. My question is will university ever look at socials 11 mark? Will socials ever stop me from getting in a university? In that way, should  I retake it?
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Should I study Arts in post-secondary school?
I hate social studies. It has been my worst subject since forever. I love history, but I do not like the way it's taught. Hate doing presentations, project in the class. I work very hard to get an A, but I can only get a high 70s or low 80s.
In that case, should I study Arts in college or university? I don't dislike Arts...
Jobs in History?
Hi I'm a grade 11 Canadian high school student and I'm kind of interested in going into history at university. I enjoy history and I volunteer in a museum but I don't think I want to stay at one job my entire life. 

Would anyone know what types of jobs would be available to someone with a history? What kind of variety is out there? 
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IB and University
Just wanted to create a thread for IB students around Canada, for their top listed universities and programs, along with whether they have submitted their applications yet. 

If any IB student has already received a conditional offer based off their predicted grades, they can post here as well. 

Finally, for any former IB students: how is the university workload in comparison to the IB program (specifically the Full IB Diploma, not "partial")? 

Would you say IB was, in hindsight, worth it or not? Did IB prepare you well for university? 
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History Co-op Carleton
Has anybody done co-op at Carleton?  If so, was it a good co-op program? It would be even better if there is someone who majored in History at Carleton who could give some feedback.
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Is grade 12 World History hard (CHY4U1)?
Anyone who has taken this course before:
1. How hard is it compared to Philosophy?
2. Is it an average booster?