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When is the best time to apply for university?
Is there any real advantage to applying early, or is anytime fine as long as it's before the deadline? Personally I'm thinking of applying in mid-November, and I'm wondering if that's too late. I'm a 105D applicant.
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Am I good enough for Queen's/Ivey?
Projected top 6 average: 93% - 95% 

ECs: -Events coordinator at a religious institution 
         - Founder/President of a school club
         - Food Bank Volunteer 
         - VP of another school club
         - Soccer team captain in a local league
         - Swimming team captain (school)
         - Basketball team (school)
         - Store Associate in a department store (only a few months so far) 

My ECs seem weak to me. Obviously all these activities were spread out over my 4 years of HS, so just wondering if that's ok, or do they just want to know what you did in G12? 
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Gender change
I have a friend who is a transman and is planning to do top surgery. He is in high school now and he is apprehensive as he knows he will face bullying from others. I even came across this article: https://www.ftmtopsurgery.ca/blog/general-category/entering-workplace-transgender-person/ which gives tips on how to enter the workplace after the surgery. It's shocking that even in this century transpeople are finding it difficult to survive in our society. 

What do you think about it? 
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OUAC Question
I've completed a course in night school near the start of March break, and it has been shown up in my OUAC a few days ago. I was wondering if universities have received this mark, or I would have to wait until May 8. Thank you.
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What is your go-to restaurant?
Hi everyone! I'm Alyssa, one of your yconic Student Ambassadors. 

As a university student in the heart of downtown Toronto, I am surrounded by SO MANY restaurants that offer a wide-variety of food options and different cuisines. Though I bring lunches (It's a great way to save money aha!), I would eat out once in a while.

And so...

When you eat out during your lunches or breaks, where do you go? 
Is there a specific place that students from your school go to? 
If you could recommend one item from the menu to someone going to your favourite restaurant for the first time, what would it be?

Maybe through this discussion, we can all visit a new restaurant and try something new. My fellow foodies, I look forward to hearing from you! :)
Fast-track Grade 11 functions in grade 10?
Going into grade 10. Should I fast track Grade 11 functions now? Then finish gr 12 advanced functions in Grade 11? Will it greatly help an intense workload when going into grade 12? 

Or should I wait till later to take all math in gr 11? By taking gr 11 functions in 1st semester of gr 11, and gr 12 advanced functions in 2nd semester of grade 12? Will it become way too difficult and lower my mark if I try to take both math courses in grade 11? How were your experiences like similar to this? 

Or... should I not fast track at all? To sort of free myself in grade 10. And leave everything in gr 11 in grade 11 and gr 12 in grade 12? 

So any advice about anything? What should I do? Will fast tracking absolutely make my gr 12 workload easy? 

Why am I thinking of Fast tracking?: I saw programs like Waterloo and UOFT require english, gr 12 bio, physics and chem plus calculus and advanced functions. So I thought that maybe I should plan to take all 6 of them to keep my options open for universities?? 
And I thought that if I didn't fast track a grade 12 course like Math... the grade 12 workload might end up too much and kill me - making it impossible to get a 95+ average. Is that true? Do I need to fast track to get a high average?
And please tell me how I can correct my way of thinking, if you find it flawed. 

Note: this is an updated thread to my last one, with my new thoughts. I was able to leverage time to decide.

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University of Toronto to - FLCs
So I'm reading about the FLCs for UTSG. I don't really get it? Can someone explain in detail what you do and how you can benefit from it? I mean, will it affect my other courses like will I have less slots for other courses I want to take?
(I'm looking at the Life Science FLC)
U of T St. George - Conditional Acceptance Requirements
Okay so calculus is required for Life Science and I need to maintain a 75% average and currently I have an 82%. 
I would need at least 60% to get that 75% and I'm just freaking out because I don't know if I failed my final exam. 
So does U of T provide some leniency or something with the conditional acceptance?? Like can you upgrade a course (idrk how that works or if you can do it for uni?) or at least do something in the summer to raise the mark to meet the requirement? 
Any help would be appreciated :)
Kin / Human Kinetics Programs
I've now been accepted into all my top programs and it is time to make a decision on what school I want to attend come September. The programs I've been accepted to are:

UOttawa for Human Kinetics (emphasis on social sciences)
Lakehead for Kinesiology
StFX for a Human Kinetics
UBCO for Human Kinetics

Does anyone have any input on what these schools are like and/or what these specific programs are like? Any information is greatly appreciated :)
What are the residences like at Waterloo?
So, I'm looking for the "university experience". Most things I've read are suggesting that I pick either REV or V1, so if anyone has some more info on what it's actually like to live in these two residences I would appreciate it.

My program will be the BCA/BBA DD.
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Big 4 Life - What do you want to know about it?

I'm going to be doing a Q&A with one of my managers at work (EY) - maybe several depending on how the first Q&A goes.

Does anyone have any specific questions that they'd like me to ask? Or just things they'd like to know about Big 4 life?

Note: These Managers work in Risk Assurance.

Waterloo Math Co-op Acceptances
If you got a math coop offer from waterloo, please share your top 6 average. I heard that they will be sending out offers next week and not sure how true that is but if you know anything about math acceptances plz do comment.
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Psychology Arts or Sciences?
Just wanted to know which program is more interesting, fun to study, and what each offers in the long run. I'm currently in Gr 11 and having a tough time deciding between the two. I heard that Psych arts is more about holistic practices whereas psych sciences is more about research. I know doing either a BA or BSc in Psych can lead to a Ph.D., but in your own opinion, which is worth doing? I was leaning towards Arts, but I have better grades in Sciences/maths so I picked Psychology since it was a mix of both.
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Backpacking on a Student Budget (Read: No Money)
Backpacking is something that is on the bucket list of most students. While you technically can’t do it with “no” money, it is possible to do on a student budget. Having backpacked to over 40 countries as a student, here are some of my tips for maximizing your travel dollar:

#1 – Student Discounts  
Make sure you pack an ISIC (International Student Identity Card) before departing. Depending on your university, it is either free or $20 – either way, you’re eligible for some unreal discounts at major attractions like the Colosseum, Acropolis, and Louvre.  

#2 – Intern Abroad
In second year, I worked at Henkel in Düsseldorf, Germany for 6 months. Every weekend, I was off to a new place. By booking my travel weeks/months ahead, I was able to take advantage of cheap bus/train/plane tickets for travel throughout Europe; I don't think I paid more than 45 Euros round-trip per weekend, and I went to places like France, Poland and Scandinavia. Interning abroad is a win-win because you require little savings to actually do it – your salary is your travel money.  

#3 – Volunteer At A Youth Hostel   
Since youth hostels are cheap, most require on volunteers/cheap labour to function. Many have volunteer programs where people can do different things (reception work, cleaning, bartending) in exchange for a bed (and sometimes meals). Each hostel has its own unique volunteer rules.  

I volunteered at a hostel in Tallinn, Estonia for 4 weeks. For 7-14 hours of reception work per week, I had a bed to sleep in every night. Apart from making lifelong friends, I also backpacked to Sweden, Lithuania and Russia. Also, living in picturesque Tallinn for a month was incredible (Google it).  

Have any budget travel tips? Would you do any of the above? Comment below!  

-Neal, yconic Student Ambassador
What does an MS in Psych lead to?
I'm planning on taking on studying Psych Sciences in Uni and I'm wondering what occupation it can lead to besides neuropsychology jobs. I want to go to medical school to get a PhD also but what jobs can I get with that? I live in BC by the way. Also does the closest thing UBC and SFU have to an undergrad and graduate degree in Psych,  neuroscience?
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Should I take Calculus 12 if I'm getting into Psychology?
Hi, I'm currently in Grade 11 and I've recently gotten my course selection sheet. I'm planning to either get into Psych Arts or Psych Sciences but haven't decided which one to choose yet, so I'm trying to do as many courses to reach the enrollment requirements of both. My GPA is currently 95% and my courses include:
- Chem 11
- Physics 11
- Pre-Calculus 12
- French 11
- Socials, English

Next year I'm planning on taking:
- Chem 12
- Bio 12
- French 12
- Photography 12
- Psychology 12
- Info-tech 12

I'm not sure if I should take Calculus 12, if I'm leaning towards social sciences. Do universities like Calculus on your transcript? Should I swap out the easier courses with harder ones? My school also has Economics, Entrepreneurship, Law, etc.
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Could a university withdraw my offer if I drop a course?
Hey everyone.

So a little background, I'm planning on attending computer science at Ryerson University. I have already been offered admission, the terms being as quoted:

"you are eligible to graduate with your O.S.S.D. with an overall average of at least 76% in six Grade 12 U/M courses including a 65% or higher in Grade 12 U English, Advanced Functions, one of Grade 12 U: Physics, Chemistry, or Biology, and an additional Grade 12 U Mathematics (one of: Calculus & Vectors or Mathematics of Data Management)."

I currently have:
12 U Philosophy: 84%
12 U English: 90%
12 U Advanced Functions: 83%
12 M Accounting: 88%

And am currently enrolled in:
12 U Physics
12 U Calculus and Vectors

The course I just dropped was one that wasn't required, but I just dropped it (as of today). I personally liked the class, I just felt it was taking too much away from my physics, as well as calculus & vectors, and I was beginning to become really stressed with the workload only to get heavier as the semester went on. 

With that course dropped, I will have 31/30 of my credits needed to graduate once calculus and physics are both completed.

My question is the title, could Ryerson withdraw my admission because I dropped my course? Would they even know? Would they even care? Does it look bad that I did this?


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Advice on After Undergrad...
Hi there I am a grade 11 honours/AP student who has a passion for sciences and medicine. Recently I've been browsing these forms and seeing that this site is generally a good place to gain advice from former students about University and post graduate endeavours, so I thought, 'Hey, why not give it a try'.

I am here to ask if anyone new any successful and fulfilling (financial and personally fulfilling) fields to go into after an undergraduate program such as Biomedical Sciences, Health Sciences and/or Biochemistry. I am also open to taking/planning on attending graduate school after undergrad if needed. I, of course, know that I can go to medical school and become a doctor (which in and of itself features a wide variety of specialities) however, I don't think that is something that I would enjoy. I really enjoy biology, chemistry and math. I also love researching and working hands on in labs to find solutions to problems (so I looked into working in a hospital laboratory but the income wasn't too appealing). I just feel like the only medical career that will allow someone to be fulfilled (and financially successful), is a doctor, which is not something I want to do [re-reading that statement I realize that it makes me seem very closed minded, which is why I need help]. Hopefully someone on here can shed some light on careers that are often over looked when choosing a career in Science and Medicine.

Thank you for your help.
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Waterloo Mathematics
Hey everyone. I would like to know if anyone has been accepted to the mathematics co-op or even regular program at Waterloo. If so with what avg did u get accepted with. And also, my avg so far in the first sem is a 90.5 but this semester is going to boost my avg to atleast a 92 for sure so do you think I have a good enough chance for acceptance to Waterloo's co-op Math program or even a regular. Thats like my first choice and I really want to make it to waterloo so if u know anything about the program acceptances and admissions plz do let me know. Also what should be the cut off for this program? Thx.
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How are my grade 11 marks looking so far?
Hi all,
Could you guys tell me how my grades are looking so far? Also, if I keep this up/improve my marks in grade 12, do I have a shot for UBC/UofT/Waterloo..etc Science? I am currently in grade 11 in BC.

Grade 11 Marks - ("relevant" courses only- I do have other electives)
Physics 92%
Biology 96%
Chemistry 96%
English Honours 89%
Pre-Calculus Honours 91%
Social Studies 91%
Language 11 (Japanese) - currently taking, but probably will get 99 or 100%

I am taking 2 grade 12 courses currently (Biology 12 and Pre-Calculus 12) and I'm confident that I will be able to get at least 94% for both. (Trying for at least 98% in bio and 96% in Pre-cal!! :D)

It would be great if you could give me any advice for studying or keep being motivated, and tell me if I have a shot, and where to improve. Thank you!!
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What are skills employers may want to see on your resume?
Just like yesterday's post, I'm continuing to look at what employers may want to see on your application and resumes. Of course skills on your resume often reflect the job you're applying for, however, here are some transferrable skills that an employer may want to see on your resume:

Leadership Skills
This could come from volunteering on campus, or if you had a position of leadership in a previous job - employers love to see that you're taking initiative, and that you have leadership skills and qualities. For example, I've been photo editor at my school's paper, and editor-in-chief of my university's yearbook. These kind of skills can be super transferrable. It shows that you have good communication skills, and that you work well in a team environment!

Good Communication Skills
This one kind of goes hand-in-hand with leadership skills, but also stands freely on it's own. Potential employers often want to know that you work well in a team atmosphere, and that you will communicate and listen to all levels of people within the company, this includes your boss, your co-workers, and your customers/clients. 

This one is a bit more difficult to phrase on your resume. Potential employers often want to know that you can work in a fast-paced environment and that you are capable of rolling with the punches. Being able to adapt to change could be a deciding factor for a job.

These are a few things that employers like to see on a resume, but don't just list them.. Find a way to incorporate examples into your resume (just briefly enough that they want to interview you to get to know more about you and your skills!)

Do you have any awesome tips for what skills employers want to see in your resume? What are some skills you think employers would like to see?

Share Below!

- Kathleen, yconic Student Ambassador
Engineering Grade 12 Courses
Hey so from what I know universities only look at my top 6 courses. I am currently taking ICS4U in grade 11, and am taking an online ENG4U in the summer. I've selected adv func, calc, physics, and chemistry for next year. I've also selected a workplace level Business class and an open level Religion class. I'm wondering if universities particularly Waterloo will look down on in any way the fact that I have only completed the bare minimum of 6 U courses
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Grade 12 Easy Course
Hey I'm looking at going into engineering so I've selected
Adv functions
Calc & vectors

I've decided to take English in online summer school, and I'm in a catholic board so Religion is required. However I need a sixth course to choose. I need a U/M level course that is easy and offers the smallest work load / studying / outside of class assignments, so that I can spend more time focusing on studying for my other courses and getting the best mark possible in those ones. 

I already took ICS4U this year.  I'm considering International Business (BBB4M), however I heard it is a lot of memorization.
uOttawa Residences
I received an email from uOttawa today, reminding me that I can now apply for housing for the 2017/18 school year, even before I've accepted my offer of admission. The problem is I don't really know anyone who goes there so I have no idea where to start. I was just wondering if anyone has any suggestions for what would be the best res for me! 

The things that are important to me are:
- On campus
- I would prefer a traditional plus or suite style room (but if the social scene is better in a traditional res I would be open to it)
- I know uOttawa isn't a big party school but I would like to live in a res with a bit more of a party atmosphere if possible
- Close/good food


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