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Early admission in Software Eng or CS in uOttawa & Carleton
I am planning to get an early admission in Software Engineering or Computer Scince in uOttawa & Carleton. Please let me know who got the with least percentage cut off marks for early admission with 11 grade marks in 2018 .
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Queen's Engineering 2019 Acceptances
So right now I have around a 92-93% average.
I'd say my PSE is pretty strong.
I applied in early December.
What do you think my chances are?
Have any of you gotten in?
If so please post your average, if you did a PSE, and the date you got accepted.
Thank you!
Super Anxious Help Me! - Queen's Engineering
Please help, I'm really anxious about getting in to Queen's Engineering.
I have an 89% average for the 5 courses they consider and a 91 otherwise. 
I also have calculus, chemistry, and bio next semester.
My PSE is above average in my opinion.
What are my chances of getting in? Please help!!
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Queen's Engineering Please Help!
So entering exams I have: 
Advanced Functions: 93%
English: 93%
Physics: 92%
Computer Science: 97%
Next semester I have calculus, chemistry, and French.

My PSE was pretty strong in my opinion:
My ECs:
Reach for the Top Captain
MUN Deputy Secretary General
Chess Club
Badminton and Tennis
I've had a job for over a year and counting.
I started tutoring this year.

Do you think I will get in to Queen's Engineering? I'm really anxious please help!
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Queen's Engineering Acceptances 2019
Hey I thought I'd start a discussion for Queen's engineering acceptances this year.
Please post the following:
When you got accepted?
What was your admission average? 
What program? (General or direct entry to electrical and computing)
Anything else you want to add
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Aviation or Software Engineering
Hello im a canadian high school student and I am really confused between aviation or software engineering in 2020. I am currently in grade 11 and my marks are pretty bad like 60-70, and also how to improve in grade 12?
How hard is it to get your specialization in UAlberta (Engineering)?
Hi! I applied for engineering at UAlberta and I want to do CompEng with Software Option Coop but I'm concerned about not getting into the specialization. Anyone that knows if it is hard to get into it? What about UCalgary?  

Thank you in advance!
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How to get into Waterloo's software engineering program
I'm in grade 11 right now and i really want to go to waterloo for software engineering. I know that it's really really competitive and i know i most likely won't get in but i still want to try. My marks have always been in the low-mid 90s. Right now i have a 94 in AP Math and 93 in AP chem but i'm definitely going to try to boost those marks before this semester ends. I'm not too concerned about my marks because i feel like if i try i can obtain mid 90s in all my subjects. However i am very worried about my AIF. 

I honestly don't have many extra curricular activities. I just work at Kumon as a tutor and I'm in UNICEF, and math leagues I also volunteer every week at a library. If you've noticed none of these extras relate to com sci or software engineering. I just learn java at school from my com sci class.

Can someone please tell me how i can do things that are related to coding/engineering. I'm not advanced at coding at all but i am interested in it so i will try really hard to learn it. Should i try building a website from scratch or enroll in the app developer's program? 
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UofA vs UofC vs SFU Soft/Comp. Eng.?
Hi! I applied to UofA (Computer Eng), UofC (Software Eng) and SFU (Eng Sci - Comp Eng)  

-Which one would you recommend and why?  
-I know about the rankings and prestige of these three, but rankings are subjective, could you give me your own perspective of these universities if you've been to them?  

I also applied to UBC but I might not be able to afford it.  

GPA: 97% -Got accepted to UofC
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cs/software eng universities
I have Waterloo, UofT and uOttawa as my top three, does anyone have any input on any other good schools for cs/softEng or even ECE other than the three I listed? Co-op available to the program would be preferred.
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Can I bump my grades up?
Hi, im currentley in grade 11. Just to begin with if you are here to brag about how "stupid" or "dumb" I am, just click off this please. I'm here trying to be honest and translucent about my high school career, so please respect that and put that in mind. I'd say im pretty smart, but it really depends on what kind of teachers I have, since they matter the most for my education. All the courses I am taking are university courses. 
rn I have chemistry grade 11, english grade 11 and math (grade 10, but still academic, since I was behind.) Not going to say my exact marks but they are mid 70s now (All of them). From other's experience, or more specifically the people who were once in my situation (guessing not a lot) do u think I can still manage to get 80s? I am aiming for early acceptance. Program that im trying to get into is software engineering, since I have grown up with a computer one and have some experience with computer languages and such. Also, any idea what kind of "extracurricular" activities I can get into that are related to the program? Again, please if you have an advice post it, if not don't waste my time and yours. Thanks for reading this and I hope it wasn't so long...
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Computer Science at UTM
I was wondering what average I would possibly need to get into Computer science at UTM and Ryerson. UTM is Low to Mid 80s and Ryerson is 82-88. I have English, Advanced functions, Calculus, Computer Science, International Business and Physics. My projected mark is an 85-87 average, is this good enough? If theres anything youd like to share about this please do, any past averages that you have got into either programs or anything related.
Best Universities for Comp Sci
after waterloo, uoft and ubc, what are the best universities for comp sci / comp eng / software eng?

Please lmk which ones you think and why. Just trying to get some info for my uni applications this year!
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Side Projects for Waterloo Egineering
For those who applied and were accepted into waterloo egineering particularly for programs like software, computer and mechatronics did you guys have any side projects that you yourself devolped or made that you mentioned on your application  such as apps, video games, websites and robotics like arduino.
Also how did you show  your projects on your application  did you just tell them and the application commitee took your word for it or did you have to , provide them with pics/vids and code really curious on how you guys presented them. Currently I have a few side projects that include video games, a website and with arduino and was wondering the best way to present on application to Waterloo and I feel like your answers could also help others applying to Waterloo and to other universities.
What can a future computer science or software engineering student do for extracurriculars to get into UBC? (BC students only)
I'm going to grade 11 and I'm almost certain that I can pull off a 90-95% average if I work hard. I'm a bit concerned about my english mark, but I think I'll do fairly well in the rest... Anyways, my extracurriculars are pretty weak. I'm not into sports and I'm not in any clubs. I'm starting everything pretty much in grade 11 with 2-3 clubs I enjoy and a bunch of volunteer jobs + lifeguarding. My question is what did you BC students who are currently in UBC do as extracurriculars?(preferably CS or SE students please..) What programs can I do in BC?
York University Software Engineering vs Ryerson University Computer Science
Hello. I'm a college student who is considering transferring to University to study programming. I took some programs in Seneca college(I was not sure about my career path back then) and while taking Electronics Engineering program, I found that programming is interesting and I was good at it. So I am considering going to University to learn about programming. I looked for universities and have thought about going to UofT or UW but I saw many posts that the programs of those universities are very hard. It scared me that I might drop out even if I study hard(I think I'm a hardworking student though). I want some challenges to learn about programming but I wonder whether I can graduate properly from those universities. So I am considering going to York or Ryerson. And I have some questions about it.
My grades are 
SPH4U 91 (got them from private high school)
SCH4U 87 
MHF4U 96 
MCV4U 94
GPA of College program so far (Electronics Engineering Technology) 4.0 out of 4.0(finished 3 semesters)
1.Learning programming at Ryerson 
I searched for software engineering program on Ryerson website but couldn't find it. Only computer science and computer engineering program. Is computer science the only program of programming at Ryerson or is there any other program that teaches about programming?

2.Quality of programs of two universities. 
How are the professors, curriculum and co-op of these universities? 

3.Difficulty of two universities. 
How are the difficulties of those universities? I saw a post that only one person was able to graduate properly in 4 years from york university's program. Is that true? How many people graduate properly in 4 years? 

4.This is about the test of programming courses. What kind of questions come out at the test? At college. they gave some conditions and asked us to write codes that will work under the given conditions. What kind of questions come out at university's test? Questions like that or they ask you to write some kind of essay? 

5.A question to those who transferred from college to university. How did you feel when you transferred to the university? Was it easy or hard to adapt to university level?

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Waterloo mechatronics admission chances 2019
Hello everyone I am going into grade 12 this coming September and I am very scared and nervous of my chances of getting into certain programs/universities that interest me. I am hugely interested in the mechatronics egineering program at University of Waterloo but I would also like to get into computer science or computer egineering program at Waterloo if I were not admitted for mechatronics. Could someone please tell me if I have weak/decent/strong extracurriculars and if I should do more or if they are fine and what would be a good enough average to get into one of the three programs I mentioned.

These are my expected or earned marks for my courses 
Advanced functions - 85%(earned and ik its horrible had a teacher not to my liking who really made it harder on us compared to other teachers) 
Calculus and vectors -90% to 95% (expected) 
Physics- 90% to 95%(expected) 
Chemistry - 90% to 95%(expected) 
Computer science - 98% to 100%(expected) 
English- 90% to 95%;(expected) 
Two spares for 2019 school year 

  My extracurriculars
 -Volunteer at retirement home once a week for three to four hours to help host or lead mental/physical activities for the elderly that determine if there physical or mental condition is staying the same, improving or getting worse.(almost two years) 

-volunteer at a thrift store once a week for four hours where all proceeds and money earned goes to helping animals in need and the towns animal shelter(almost two years)

 - job at cineplex movie theatre 2-3 shifts a week with one shift being 8 or more hours(almost one year) 

-member of my schools Ecocrew once a week for 1.5 hours (almost two years). We Help educate students and school about environment while trying to introduce better ways to recycle or get rid of waste at school, organize fundraisers, events and contests and get new eco friendly equipment for school. I am the communications advisor and make announcements for our school and in charge of the Twitter account (almost two years) 

-member of my school chess team practises are once a week for one hour and we participate in various tournaments with other schools (almost two years)

 - part of the math club/matheletes at my school where we meet once a week for 1.5 hours trying to solve various difficult math problems while studying for various Waterloo math contests like the Euclid and Canadian senior math contests. We also help tutor other kids who might be struggling with their classes. (almost three years) 

-will be joining the prom crew for grade 12 which we plan/organize our schools prom also advertising the event and trying to sell tickets.

-I volunteered at two camps one for each summer since grade 10 with both being for ages 4-6 for 4 weeks each being 7 hours a day from Monday to Friday

Other stuff: 
 Will be writing the Canadian senior math contest, Euclid contest, the Canadian computing contest and will be preparing and hoping to get into atleast top 25% for each. Wrote the Fermat in grade 11 but didn’t do that well.

University of Waterloo Software Engineering
I want to attend the University of Waterloo Software Engineering Program and was wondering if there were any students who have been accepted that could let me know what their average was and what kind of extracurriculars they participated in to get in. Also, is there anything you would recommend that I do to get in
Good extracurricular activities for Waterloo AIF?
Hello there,
I'm a grade 11 student looking to get into Comp Sci/Software Eng at Waterloo. 

As you probably know, a really good AIF can set someone apart from the crowd in such competitive programs. My grades are probably not good enough, so I'm wondering what some of the things they like to see on the AIF are.

Here are the things I've been doing/plan on doing in the future:

- Euclid math contest (bad score though, haven't taken grade 12 yet)
- canada computing competition (future)
- Fermat contest (also a Waterloo contest)
- DECA (a series of business competitions that require a lot of training, dedication, team work, technical thinking, traveling & soft skills)
- Co-op (worked for a month at an IT company as part of high school co-op course)
- Martial Arts (done years of martial arts in the past, but had to stop because of school... should I still put this?)
- Created mobile apps and games (a friend designed the graphics, but I created them on the computer and put them in the app) for android
- had some art works featured in school art shows... but literally anyone in an art/photography class could just put anything they made into the shows, so not impressive
- going to the gym twice every week (... friend told me to put this just to see if it can be used... can it?)

Are these enough or should I do more? Should I put all of these or just choose a few? If choose a few, which ones look good to you? Which ones will scream "Pick me! I'm the one you've been looking for!"?
Computer Science Advice
I had an 81 average right now and when the marks were inputted to the universities during the second semester. I applied to UOIT cs,  average last year was 75 and I got rejected. Rejected from Ryerson cs, Guelph cs, and finally york cs, they gave me an alternate offer, Digital Media from the Lassonde of Engineering sector. The deadline to accept it June 7th, so i need some advice quickly.  The reason why mark is so low is that when i took advanced functions during the 1st semester i had an awful teacher, she taught math on a powerpoint with an already done solution and lessons She never touched a whiteboard or blackboard,. So i retook it because i had a 62... I retook it this semester and have a 93, and that's not because its a repeat but because of this horrible teacher. One day in this new teacher's class and she has more written on the whiteboard than the whole course from the old teacher. Retaking the course caused me to lose an opportunity to choose a bird course and potentially get a high 80 or low 90, like i am right now in International business, 93. The same atrocious teacher has taught the computer science courses in 11 and 12. I was really interested in CS in 11 even after the horrible teaching, but now I'm in 12 and i have a 75...

I need advice whether to accept the offer and hopefully switch to CS second year or take another semester or year. York is the closest university to me, only a 20 minute commute. The strike also worries me. 

Also im not sure whether or not to continue to do cs because of my experience, do the profs at uni actually teach properly?
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waterloo admisssion
i am international student indian cbse have 10 cgpa in class 9 and 10 and expecting about 90% in class 12 do i have a chance waterloo software engineering
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Considering Comp. sci and Software engineering.
After opening a previous pre-med program search, it's been suggested that I start looking into other degrees as a back up. I've always been interested in this field but I just feel like I lack the knowledge to go into it. Compared to some of my friends, I know basically nothing about comp. sci and I don't know if I would be successful in this field. I've taken gr.11 comp sci and plan on taking gr.12, but is that enough to prepare me (people at my school say our courses are useless tbh so assume I know nothing). Like is it possible to do well (meaning mid to high 90s) going in with the most basic knowledge? Like I know  B A S I C Java and that's it. And of course I don't expect to be ms.perfect right off the bat, so don't @ me. I know there's hard work involved.
And on that note, what programs and schools would you guys suggest?
Ask me anything! Second Year Western Engineering
Hey guys, just completed my first year at Western Engineering and waiting for my Software Engineering Acceptance for second year. I remember last year being in the same position as you. Feel free to ask me anything about any program. I have friends that have gone everywhere and I can give you insight on the truth of some programs and whether or not they are a trap (things they don't tell you before ) and also somethings i wish i knew before entering my first year. 

I also got accepted to everywhere i applied for engineering. ( UofT, Mcmaster, Queens, Ryerson, UOttawa, Waterloo )

I can also speak on behalf of computer science programs in Canada as well so feel free to ask! 

Leave a message below or add me on facebook.