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Does university ONLY look at your top 6 marks?
So this semester I have four courses, which are physics, religion, business and english. I expect to get over a 90% in all these course except for physics. At midterms I had a 90 in physics, but that quickly dropped to a low 80. However, physics is not a course I need for any of my university applications and next semester I have  3 University Level courses and 1 Mixed Level course. Suppose all my other courses are above a 90 and for physics I end with with a 70. Would this mark at all affect my university acceptance (supposing physics is NOT included in top 6)?
Should I Go Into Engineering Even If 'm Not Good At Physics?
Hey y'all I'm having a crisis.
So I think I might be lowkey interested in pursuing something in engineering?? I'm actually not too sure what I want to do post-secondary but I think engineering could potentially be an option. What I'm mainly considering is either chemical or nano at Waterloo and maybe the integrated biomedical and health science one at McMaster?? However, I'm really struggling in physics this year and my mark is currently in the low 80s. I understand all the content and everything it's just that some questions on the test are significantly harder than what we do in class and what we get for homework. Part of the reason why I'm not doing well might be because of me and just not studying enough but I feel like physics might also be a subject that I'm not super strong in.  I find what they do in engineering to be interesting but I'm afraid that I won't succeed if I'm not good at physics since the programs I'm interested are highly competitive and if I get in (unlikely), I'll be competing with a lot of people who are strong in physics. I could always apply to a smaller, less competitive university for engineering but I really like Waterloo and McMaster so far.  My back up options are probably programs like life sci but I feel like it's too general and there won't be any jobs on the market for it. Please be honest and give me some advice. 

TLDR: I find engineering interesting but I'm not strong at physics. What should I do?

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Taking AP helps with Uni application??
I'm a grade 11 student in BC and I'm thinking about taking some AP courses in Gr.12.
My school's offering 3 AP courses - AP Physics, AP Statistics, AP Calculus. I'm planning to take AP Calc but I'm wondering if I should also take other APs. I want to know how rigorous the AP courses are and how much time is needed to prep for the AP exam.

From my friends and other students, I've heard that taking AP courses help with the university application. But I'm wondering if that's true. Does it really help if you take many APs?
I also want to know what happens if you take the AP course but not take the exam. Do you not get recognized as much as a student who took the exam?

Please share your opinions!!

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one course in private school?
Hi, I got my timetable for grade 12 and I have the hardest marking ever Physics teacher for grade 12. I will try to change it but if I can't is going to private school for one course the better option? what are your suggestions?
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Okay. Last minute I decided to drop bio. I used to dream of becoming a doctor but now that I actually research more and more of it, I don’t think I’m a good fit for that career. I like math and working with numbers more in general. Business is also interesting to me. I’m going to take physics instead because chem and physics are needed for the eng fields which I may want to go into. My question is which option sounds more ideal?
Sem 1: physics 
Sem 2: chem and functions
Sem 1: physics and chem
Sem 2: functions
I’m good at both math and chemistry and I NEED to have physics in first semester. Which option would you pick?
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Grade 11
How hard is it to take all 3 sciences for grade 11? Also, I go to a semestered school. If I took physics, english, biology, chemistry, and functions, which should be in same semester? I’m better at math and chemistry than the others btw. Also, if I drop bio, which should be taken together then?
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Study Tips for Highschool (or any level in general) Physics?
Hi everyone,

Just wondering if you have any tips and advice for High School physics. I want to go into Software Eng at UWaterloo, but am worried about my average. 

 I want to teach myself grade 11 physics so I can have the proper foundation for grade 12 (let's just say that my teacher didn't teach us what we were supposed to learn, Not trying to put the blame on anyone, Just telling you why I want to teach myself a whole High school course after taking it with a teacher)... and get a high enough average. 

Feel free to post any advice, resources, helpful links, online textbooks, notes, etc. you want. 

Hope this helps all you prospect engineering students too!
Program Pre-Requisites
Hi there, I am a grade 12 student graduating this year, however, over time my interests transitioned from business to engineering, and I now require 3 Prerequisite courses that I initially did not. In order to apply for engineering programs at Universities, I need to obtain the following courses:

-Physics 12 U
-Chemistry 12 U
-Calculus 12 U

Unfortunately, I did not take any sciences in grade 11 as I was "set" on working in business, however, that ideology has changed and I now face a new obstacle. 

I was wondering if there are any college courses/programs that will provide me with equivalent courses to the one's I listed above. If not, I may just have to take the courses online or at a local private school. Please, if anyone has anything to share, good or bad, I would very much appreciate it. Thank you for listening 
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I’m good at physics
Just saying. I don’t get how people find it hard.
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I suck at physics??? Gr 12 Physics?
My mark in physics right now is pretty terrible (78% - almost midterms) and I'm not sure if i should continue with gr 12 physics. But the thing is, I actually really enjoy physics. I just suck at it. I can't grasp the concepts - it goes in one ear and out the other. I try my best to study and i read the textbook and do the questions, but i still end up with a poor mark because i can't wrap my brain around questions that are even just a bit different from ones we've already done in class

I wanted to go into something like arch or comp sci, but at this point I feel like there's no way i can, and my only hope is for a drastic improvement in Gr 12

One reason I think I'm not doing as well as I could is due to the fact that my semester is 3 sciences and a math, and I feel like if my timetable is better in Gr 12, I can improve (I'm definitely willing to put in the effort, and I'm going to study ahead in summer) 

So is there any hope for me???any advice??? or is gr 12 physics too hard and i should just drop it while i can??? 

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McMaster Or Guelph for Physics?
I've been reading and looking into it and I've narrowed it down to two options, I would like to go to either McMaster or Guelph to study physics/chemical physics. I'm interested in co-op and both schools seem to have pretty good co-op opportunities available for physics, plus research opportunities and such. Which school do you guys think is a better school to study physics at? Like which school has the better facilities for physics, better opportunities for learning and experience as well as opportunities for co-op and research, beter faculty, etc etc... Also which school has a nicer campus, nicer residences, and better general public facilities like libraries, eateries, and common buildings/areas? Even if you aren't studying physics (helps if you're still in a stream of science or engineering but it doesn't matter) what is your opinion on the two universities?
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ISSYP at the Perimeters Institute
Hey guys,
Currently I'm in need of ec's, and I want to base my ec's towards science and mathematics. I recently found out about the ISSYP , and it looks very interesting and I think it is a pretty good ec to put on a uni application. I would be nice if I can get some advice regarding the application process (specifically the essay). Is it possible to get into this program with mediocre marks (90+ average)? Or do you need to have 100% in everything?  Also, is it possible to be accepted with no physics/math curriculars in the past? I know that they only accept 40 students worldwide, but I want to really get in. 

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Good school or high GPA?
Hi, I want to study physics (I know, hard to get a job). and ideal i would like to go down the academia thing and maybe one day be a prof or a researcher. What would be a better school UofT or Trent? Basically a hard school vs an easy school. I know UofT will have more research opportunity but its also a way harder school, so ill have a lower GPA. Where else with Trent i wont have as many research opportunity, but ill have a higher GPA. Im just lost and don't know what to think, any help is appreciated. Thank you in advanced
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Engineering Physics at Mcmaster
I've been looking at this program as it has a nuclear engineering specialty come 3rd year. Anyone know anyone in this program? thoughts? I am very interested in Nuclear and alternative energy, but havn't heard much of the program. Any responses would help greatly! thanks!
Should i redo a course?
I have applied for engineering at uoft, waterloo, uoit, and ryerson, and landscape architecture at Uofguelph.
I have just completed semester one of grade 12, My marks are.. 
Physics: 76 
ADV Functions: 90
French:89-92 (not sure yet) 
Computer engineering: 90 
I'm not too sure if i should redo physics. All advice helps
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Physics Grade is Going to Ruin My Average
I currently have an 87% in Physics. I just did my exam worth 30% and it was horrible because of my teacher. He always gives hard tests. I tried my best. But I'm scared if my average will drop. I think I might drop 10-15%.  I need at least a 90% average. Are there any alternative options. Can I ask my guidance counsellor to remove this course and tell universities that I didn't take it? Or can I take night school during the second semester? What are your opinions? If I have a 70-low 80s I think I won't make it to a 90 average because I have 6 courses with 2 spares.
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Retake advanced functions? PLEASE HELP
So i have a 70% in the course right now. Next semester i have 1st period, international business ( easy 90), physics, computer science, and calc. The only available class for advanced functions next sem is second period, physics. Im applied to computer science at york uni (low to mid 80s), guelph (80-84), Ryerson (76-85), and uoit (mid to high 70s). My first option is york as it is the closest. 
Should I just leave it at a 70% or should i retake it again and take physics out. I only have physics there because I may switch programs in the future and as a fall back. 
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UWATERLOO Mathematical Physics ( Physical Science)
Hey guys! So I was just wondering who got accepted to Waterloo physical science. What percentage did you earn and how many extracurricular activities did you do? I am currently a grade 12 student and I want to apply to Waterloo Mathematical Physics program. My average is currently 85%, but I believe it can be improved later on. The only extracurricular activities I did was Model UN in the last few years, where I participated in some conferences and I also did some volunteering . I am right now a participant in Math and Robotics Club. Does Volunteering count as an EC?
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UWATERLOO Mathematical Physics ( Physical Science)
Hey guys! So I was just wondering who got accepted to Waterloo physical science. What percentage did you earn and how many extracurricular activities did you do?
I am currently a grade 12 student and I want to apply to Waterloo Mathematical Physics program. My average is currently 85%, but I believe it can be improved later on. The only extracurricular activities I did was Model UN in the last few years, where I participated in some conferences and I also did some volunteering . I am right now a participant in Math and Robotics Club.  Does Volunteering count as an EC?
Waterloo science and aviation
Hi, i was just wondering if anyone knows how competitive science and aviation at waterloo is... I currently have an average of 88, what are my chances of getting in? Also i picked the physics specialization
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Rmc early admission chances?
Hi, I'm currently in Gr.11 and want to badly attend RMC for either physics Or mechanical engineering hoping to be a pilot in the CAF. My Ecs are Army Cadets, Science club, coding club, Un model club and Luke 4:18. I'm currently taking Physics 11, English 11, World relegions 11 and finally accounting 11. I predict my marks will be around an 81-83 after mid term do I have a good chance of getting in. Oh and I go to the gym maybe 1-2 times a week and have a good fitness level in cadets...so what are my chances of getting an early admission? My next semesters courses are also Biology 11, computer science 11, chemistry 11 and advanced functions 11.
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Ilc grade 12 physics exam
Hi guys! 
I am super nervous right now. Tomorrow I am going to be taking my ilc phyiscs exam. I am worried because I'm not sure how I should be studying. So far I've just been reviewing some of my key questions (by reviewing I mean reading my old answers) as well as doing the practice exam multiple times. Is this a good way to get a good mark? Last time I took calculus and did my exam it was super hard. I had also studied like this and got a 85 on the exam. Which seriously did some damage on my final mark. Anyways, if anyone has completed physics could you just give me advice on how I should proceed with studying? Thank you very very much in advance. 
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