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University of Toronto Engineering Applicants 2018
Let's start a thread for us to talk about our questions, share averages, extra curriculars, and even talk about our feelings right now going through the application process!  Good luck to everyone applying this year!
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AMA: UofT First Year Civil Engineering Student
Hey! I am currently in my first year of Civil Engineering at U of T. I was exactly where you guys were last year, so I'm just looking to give back to the community that helped me!

I also got into Waterloo, Mac, Rye and Western so feel free to ask about those programs too.
U of T engineering questions
Hi, I am currently in grade 11 and I am considering Chem, Civil, and Materials Engineering at U of T. I just have a couple of questions that I just can't seem to find the answers to anywhere:  
1) Does U of T consider grade 11 marks at all? Or is it mostly based on grade 12?
2) I have already completed my ENG4U1 (grade 12 english) credit and only got an 85%. Do you think this is too low and that i should consider redoing this class? I don't want it to bring my average down. I have mid-high 90s in my other grade 11 classes and i expect mid 90s in grade 12.
3) I expect to have a decent student profile, by how much will this increase the liklihood of being accepted if i were to have a 92-93 average in grade 12?
4) I am concerend about the large class sizes at U of T. I don't want to feel like 'just a number', however if the class sizes are only large for first year classes then i won't mind too much. In general, what are the class sizes for engineering at U of T and would you suggest I consider different universities if i am concerned about class size? Or does it not harm the learning experience?? 
5) I live about an hour and a half away from UTSG, do you think it would be worth it to stay in res (at least for first year) or just commute (by go train)?
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McMaster Engineering - choosing a discipline for second year
I'm in my first year of engineering at McMaster and we have to choose our disciplines soon. I don't love physics, but I've managed to do alright in mechanics first semester.  I'm also enjoying the first year's Materials course, but I'm not sure if the one course is a good indicator of what we'd learn in the entire program.  Chem was alright too, but since it was almost the same as my high school chem I didn't find it hard, so it's bound to be harder in future years.  

I was wondering if anyone has any experience and advice about the disciplines they chose within engineering and what it was like.  Thanks in advance! 
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Is anyone in the biostatistics program at Carleton? If so, would you mind posting your entering average, and your thoughts about the program?