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What are the chances of 105D getting accepted into an engineering/nursing program
Finished highschool but stuff happened in life and that consequently affected my grades- wasn't able to graduate with good grades(60-70s).
Am now doing ILC to make up for that and am redoing my courses. (Currently getting 90s)
What are the chances of me getting into mac/guelph/ryerson for engineering.
Is there a certain date i have to have everything (transcripts) in by that give me a better chance. I know mac does not like more than 2 reapeated courses (i repeated all of my courses ex. bio/chem/physics) but do I still have a chance? What about guelph and rye? What are some ecperiences of 105D students. Does being a 105D applicant reduce your chances?
Getting into Bioengineering or Biochemical Engineering with a BSc.
What BSc. degrees can qualify one for a Masters in Bioengineering, Biomedical Engineering or Biochemical Engineering? 

Some ideas I'm wondering about: 

Major Biochemistry + Minor in Physics, Math or Comp Sci
Major Physiology and Physics
Major Pharmacology/Biomedical Toxicology + Minor in Physics, Math or Comp Sci
Major Biology and Mathematics
Major Biochem or Pharmacology or Physiology + Minor in Biotechnology

Also, how feasible is it to transfer into a bio, biomedical or biochemical engineering program in 2nd year of undergrad?

I was accepted to Biochemistry or Pharmacology at U of T, McGill and UBC, but would be happy to transfer elsewhere if I had the option of doing an undergrad in one of the engineering fields above. (I am not able to go straight into engineering due to lack of physics credits).

For reference, I am an IB student with 7s in Bio, Chem and English HL so I'd get credit for those first year courses, leaving more time to catch up on physics. 
2017 Waterloo Engineering Applicants
Hello everyone!

I've decided to create a thread all Waterloo Engineering hopefuls could contribute to.

Please include in your post:
• The discipline you're applying to
• Your average (you can be more specific about the breakdown if you'd like)
• Any extracurricular activities, awards, distinctions, jobs, volunteer experience, etc.
• Anything else you believe is relevant! 

Later next year when offers start rolling out, I'm sure a new thread can be created, good luck to all!

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Biochemistry vs Bioengineering
Hey I'm wondering which program would be better for me at McGill. Ive been accepted into the Bioengineering program and it seems like a great option. However, I also received a renewable scholarship and I need a 3.7 GPA to keep it which will be very difficult in engineering. I am also really considering medical school and specializing in genetics (I know another medical school hopeful) so biochemistry might be the best prep for that and maintaining my scholarship. Bioengineering and then specializing in bio molecular and bio cellular engineering might give me similar prep and leave options and opportunities if I decide not to do medical school, or if I don't get in which is probable.
(Also since bioengineering is much much more competitive for admission, if I transfer out, I cannot go back in). Bioengineering is also a five year program while biochem is only four years. Lastly, I am strong in memorization but I am even better at math and physics so a program that is centered around that may give me an edge in terms of GPA.
Any and all opinions are welcome. Advice would be great!
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BioEngineering At Guelph
So here's a thread for everyone in biomed/biological engineering at guelph!!!
1. Your grades (or just general)
2. Where you applied (including Guelph)
3. When you got accepted
If i have an 86% average will I get accepted at Guelph????/??
Bioresource Engineering @ McGill????
I'm thinking of applying for that program... for any of you that are in the bioresource eng. program what's it like???? Profs? Courses? Community? 

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Laptop for engineering student?
hi, I'm a student in gr12 wanting to go into engineering, specifically mechanical. I'm not very familiar with the various softwares that students in engineering may have to use, so should I purchase a laptop that would be able to run those programs? Are there any that you recommend? Thanks.
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Biomedical Engineering
What are the advantages/disadvantages when-
1. taking a traditional degree (mechanical eng) then doing a biomed for masters
2. taking a biomedical eng degree 
-all to end up in the biomedical engineering industry?? 
I'm mostly concerned about this because my local university does not have a BME undergrad and i'm wondering if I would be just as fine going with the second option as a result?
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Anyone going to Guelph Engineering??
Post your engineering field, mine, Mechanical, lets get those Eng vibes flowing, or should i say circulating! ..HAHA  -.-
Averages accepted?
Co-op, or not?
What field?
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McMaster Engineering Co-op vs. Toronto Engineering Co-op?
So I am currently debating whether I should go  to McMaster or U of T for engineering. A huge factor in making my decision is co-op. I really want to do co-op during university so that I get work experience before graduating. However, I am not really sure which university has better co-op: Mac or Toronto? I know that Toronto has the Professional Experience Year which is their own version of co-op. Also, I've heard that at McMaster  it's harder to find co-op placements or that the co-op is not as well established as at Toronto. I'm not sure if this is true or not though... Does anyone know anything about co-op at either university? Is one "better" than the other? Are they virtually the same? Any information would help!
(p.s. I'm going to take a general first year regardless of where I go, but I am leaning towards chemical engineering or biomedical if I go to Mac) 
If anyone could give me any information about co-op at McMaster and Toronto I would love to know what you have to say. Thanks :) 
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Anyone got accepted at Guelph yet..
Anyone excepted at Guelph for Biological and pharmaceutical sciences yet? my grade 11 average was 90%...and the student portal is not very helpful so I don't know...any help would be great! 

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University of Calgary: Health Sciences or Biological Science?
Hi. I'm applying to the University of Calgary. I just have a question on which program is better (e.g. pros vs. cons). I recently read a post on here about a student transferring from Health Sciences to Biological Sciences (for reasons such as GPA, essay grading, a course specific to Health Science, etc.) and so I'm re-considering applying to Health Sciences. Are there any major pros and cons to taking Health Sciences versus taking Biological Sciences?

In addition to my question above: In the event that I do not get into Medical School, I want to be able to take Dentistry at the University of Alberta. 
Do both programs satisfy the pre-professional for Dentistry at the U of A?

General Chemistry (*6)
 Organic Chemistry (*6)
Physics (*6)
English (*6)
Statistics (*3)
Introductory Biochemistry (*3) Notes: *3 is equivalent to one half year course *6 is equivalent to one full year course or two half year courses

Which of the two programs would best suit me, considering that I want to be able to take Dentistry at the U of Alberta? I would honestly appreciate any advice on these two programs. 
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U of T, Waterloo, Mcmaster, Queens Life Sciences, Health Sciences, Bio Sci, Pharmacy Admissions
Hello everyone, 

To those who are in the aforementioned programs at U of T, Waterloo, McMaster and Queens, what are my chances of obtaining admission (early or standard):

Math 30-1: 100 (completed)
Math 31 (Calculus): 99 (completed)
Physics 30: 95 (completed)
Biology 30: 94 (completed)
Chemistry 30: around 92 (in progress)
English 30-1: around 85 (in progress)
Social 30-1: around 95 (in progress)

BTW this is Alberta Curriculum (30 designates Grade 12 courses)

Also, I am a full IB student, so that is why I have already completed four grade 12 courses in the past year (simply how the Alberta school system accommodates the rigorous IB program and it is definitely an advantage of taking IB)
My predicted IB mark is 41 out of 45 

I have pretty mundane EC's: 130 + hours of volunteer service. For example, I have volunteered at the library for elementary student computer and reading programs. I am also a swimming lesson instructor and have campaigned numerous times for the Canadian Cancer Society and Canadian Diabetes Association. Nothing exceptional, and nothing really related to leadership save for teaching swim lessons - albeit to elementary students. 
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I am in my grade 12 year and I am looking in universities in Ontario or in Atlantic Canada for medical sciences,  biomedical sciences or biological sciences. I am so unsure which universities and programs to even consider. Can anyone in the same type of program give me a review of their university and programs please?
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