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Ryerson Mechanical vs. Computer Engineering

At the moment I have been admitted to Ryerson Mechanical Engineering and mid-semester I can make a plan change into Ryerson Computer Engineering if I have a 1.67+ GPA. I am really interested in automobiles, control systems and the future age of cars. I can either stay in mechanical engineering and specialize in Mechatronics 3rd/4th year, while I can straight up switch into computer engineering mid-semester. I realize that software jobs are increasing and I can try my best to get into auto-industry through technology advancement in computers. Switching is not that much of a problem because first semester courses are the same for all engineering disciplines. What do you think I should do? I plan on either doing a master in control systems, or automotive engineering and I don't enjoy manufacturing factories too much. My goal is to get into a big company like Porsche or Google and work on cars like Waymo or Tesla.

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Western engineering help
Hey I had just recently finished my mid term with a 86 average, I was wondering if I will be considered or admitted into western engineering while also filing out the supplementary applications?
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What universites do you guys think I'll get into with an 85 average: 
 - Ryerson University: Aerospace Engineering
 - York university: biomedical science
 - York university: Engineering 
 - Guelph university: Mechanical engineering
 - UofT: Mechanical engineering 
 - McMaster: Automation technology
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Ryerson vs Carleton - Aerospace engineering 2018
Got accepted into Carleton and Ryerson for Aerospace Engineering. Which University is better for Aerospace. Ca anyone list the pros and cons for both Universities.
How good are the programs. Any Help is really appreciated.

If you got accepted too! Hey ! lets be friends before all it starts

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University of Toronto Engineering Applicants 2018
Let's start a thread for us to talk about our questions, share averages, extra curriculars, and even talk about our feelings right now going through the application process!  Good luck to everyone applying this year!
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Ryerson Admissions Average concern
I was wondering what the admissions average for Ryerson was for engineering because right now, I have a 83 avg. should I be able to get in?
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are my courses stronge enough for my top 6 average?
I'm in grade 11 rn and I'm wondering if the courses that I'm taking are competitive for university admission:
eng 12 U
cal12 U
physics 12 U
chem 12 U
com tech 12 M
3d rendering M
and I'm taking advanced functions this semester. I'm taking all the pre req for engineering programs for uoft, Waterloo, western and such BUT I don't know whether my course selection is strong enough for grade 12.

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average admission grades
Hello. I am in grade 11 in Ontario. So I was wondering about my average mark for grade 11 and 12. I’ve seen a lot of people saying grade 11 marks don’t matter at all, only for early admission, but other people say universities make decisions based on first semester, second semester midterms and grade 11 marks. My grade 11 average mark is 89 right now but I have slacked off a little bit this year and I’m aiming for aaround 95+ for grade 12. Would there be a high chance for me to get admissions for engineering programs in universities like UofT, waterloo, ryerson, Mcmaster and such?
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University Transfer Averages
I've applied to Western Engineering and McMaster Engineering from another university and I understand they treat the averages from other Universities differently than they do HS students' averages. Does anyone know about what the difference in equivalent percentages would be comparing an HS average vs a University Transfer Average?  
I've heard its about 7-8% difference, but I've also heard 4-5% and up to 12% so I am not too sure.  
I currently have an 85.3% average coming from another Engineering Program at another University.
Aerospace VS Mechatronics
As a child, I have been fascinated by aircrafts and spacecrafts. I have always loved the power of flying. However, as I was growing up, I started developing an interest in robotics. Both are related to each other - both are about machines. I always wanted to know how things work. But there's a part of me that wanted to go to the aerospace and a half of me wants to pursue the mechatronics part.
What are the differences? 
- take courses about propulsions
- focused more on how things work
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Aerospace Engineering Thread
A thread for all wanna-be aerospace engineering students and engineers! 

-Program name 
-date of acceptance 
-future plans 

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Aerospace Engineering Thread
A thread for all aerospace engineering applicants and current students in the program.

This thread was created due to a lack of threads for aerospace engineering students and applicants. 

Feel free to share experiences, ask questions, and reach for the skies! (Unless you’re in astronautics.) 
Ryerson Engineering 2018 Admission
I have already got into York, UOIT and Centennial college for electrical engineering but still waiting for ryerson for Undeclared Engineering, which is my first choice.
Has anyone already got into ryerson engineering and with what gr12 average?

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How much do grade 11 marks matter?
Hi guys, I'm currently 1 month into my 2nd semester of grade 11, and I've been starting to stress out about university acceptances. My first semester marks were:

Accounting - 80%
Biology - 84%
Functions - 95%
Chemistry - 92%

I honestly didn't think accounting would be hard at all, but we only had tests, and not a single assignment and I don't plan to go towards business anyway, more along the lines of engineering. As for biology, I'm trying not to complain, but I got the much more difficult teacher, and our class had an 8 percent lower average than the other class, and I'm not planning on taking bio next semester either.

 This semester I have Physics, Economics, English and Computer Science. Judging by how things are currently going, I'll probably end up with a 89-92 average for my top 6 subjects this year. I was wondering how much these marks matter for applying to universities, because I know I am capable of more. I've been told that these marks would only really matter for applying to early acceptance, but this year all my teachers and guidance have been saying grade 11 marks matter more than ever before, but haven't really explained why, so I hope someone can help clarify things with me, thanks in advance!
Questions about EngSci and admission
Hello, I am currently applying to EngSci, and would like to know more about other student's first-year experiences, like how much harder it is compared to grade 12 courses. I would also like to ask if any of you have any recommendations for me before going to UofT. Finally, I would also like to ask if you guys have any tips for studying or what you recommend me doing once I am in the program. 
Here are my marks just in case you guys want to know them:
Adv. Functions : 98% (Completed)
Calculus and Vectors: 98% (Completed)
Physics 12: 98% (Completed)
Chem 12: 97% (Mid-Term)
Stats: 99%(Mid-Term)
English 12: 96%(Mid-Term) (Went down also)
Thanks, everyone!
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Engineers Engineering gineerin
Has anyone been accepted to Guelph mechanical engineering yet? I have an 86.5 average and am really worried I won’t get in. If you could write your what average you got accepted with I would also appreciate that
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Carleton vs. Ryerson - Aerospace Engineering
Is one better than the other for any reasons? I live in Toronto so Ryerson would be closer bu the thing is I would need to travel an hour each day in order to get there rather than a shorter travel distance in Ottawa.
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Aerospace Engineering
Hi,  I have an 83 average and I am trying to get into Aerospace engineering at Yourk University. Would I get accepted?
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Buying a Computer for Engineering in University
I plan to go into aerospace or mechanical, but I just wanna know the computer programs that the students might need to use on their own computers either in class or at home in order to finish assignments. I know there are programs such as MATLAB and AutoCAD that might come up, but what else is there for aero/mech? I wanna know because I am deciding what type of computer I want to get (pc/laptop), and if i need a laptop in order to be on these programs on-the-go. I also need to know how good the computer needs to perform in order to run these programs smoothly. Additionally, I don't think I want to take notes with a laptop because of all the numbers obviously and I feel like I am just more used to using a pen and paper, which means that if there are no programs that I need on-the-go, do I really need a GOOD laptop for this stream or could I just get a good pc and have a little notebook that I might carry around for mail/microsoft office/google drive?
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What Program Do You Reccomend?
I'm interested in engineering and CS. 
I have an average of 93% right now, with all my courses being 90%+. 
Looking forward to comments! 
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Acceptance averages
If we want to get into aerospace engineering at Ryerson or Carleton and we have an English average in the low 70s but our advanced function and physics averages are in the 80s could we still get accepted?
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Ryerson engineering
I have a 82.5 average this semester and want to go to Ryerson for aerospace or chemical engineering, I know this is bad but due am willing to bump this up to a 86 next semester with calculus and my last 4u course. Do you think they will still accept me ?
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