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What Traits Do You Look for in a Leader?
Hey Everyone! 

Happy Monday - I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend. I am curious as to what you folks look for in a leader? What are some traits that you appreciate and make you believe in the person in the leadership role. 

I am looking forward to your feedback! 

yconic Student Ambassador 
AMA: Second Year Leadership Studies UNB Student, Residence Assistant, Student Union Rep
Hey Folks, 

My name is Mick and I am one of your 2017-2018 Yconic student ambassadors! I am a second-year Interdisciplinary Leadership student at the University of New Brunswick. I am here to answer any questions you may have about student life! 

Here are some things about me: 
- I am an RA for campus life
- I am on the student government as an Inclusive Representative 
- I just completed a summer internship with Diabetes Canada 
- I lead a mental health chapter on campus called Jack.Org
- I worked multiple part-time jobs in high school
- I am a 2016/17  Loran Semi-Finalist 
- I am aboriginal 
- I am currently attending school outside of my home province

I'm looking forward to your questions and I'll try to answer them to the best of my ability! 

Mick Jefferies
Student Ambassador 
Grade 11 gonna be terrible
I plan to apply to Canadian universities and I'm an international student I've got a 9/10 CGPA in my 10th std and I'm currently in my 11th std expected annual exam marks: 90+ I'm my school's cultural vice captain I've completed my grade 8 examination keyboard Trinity and I'm a state level swimmer and I've so far won 1 gold 1 silver and 3 bronze medals please please someone suggest me universities which is the best fit for me
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Tips to Write Interactive Ending Notes
A good ending significantly count more, on the off chance that you are writing a book or viewing a movie so is the same case with conclusion writing. In the event that the conclusion is composed well and completely, then a reader indicates enthusiasm for your other writing extends however, in the event that it is composed obscure and not plainly, individuals think that it is difficult to comprehend what has been examined before in the topic.

Same is the situation with writing an assignment in the event that you have composed your exposition consummately, you have gathered all the important material and extricated the required data and moulding it into quality work yet neglects to compose its conclusion then there is no utilisation of general great writing. A good paper conclusion is essential as it structures the picture in your readers' thinking that will dependably be there however they have got done with reading.

Tip to WRITE conclusion of Assignment

• You don't have to talk about or rehash the thoughts that you have examined before in the article. When you are going to abbreviate your article or writing a conclusion, recollect utilising dialect that is clear and crisp and each one of your readers could get it.
• Pay exceptional consideration in writing exposition's conclusion and let the readers to think exhaustive more recommendations for your speculation or the point that you examined.
• Make beyond any doubt to incorporate into the conclusion part that every one of the illustrations and focuses that you have talked about before in the paper are fitting in a specific predictable point.
• If you are feeling troublesome in writing your article then relate the last passage from the first or presentation stage for understanding end.
• Finish up with a quotation from or reference to an essential or auxiliary source, one that enhances your fundamental point or places it in an alternate point of view. A citation from, say, the novel or ballad you're writing about can add composition and specificity to your examination; a faultfinder or researcher can affirm or confound your last point.

When you are writing a conclusion, recollect incorporating a passing outline for your point. In the event that the paper is composed above 3,000 words or high, however those papers which have less word limit needn't bother with a redundancy of the fundamental thought examined in presentation part. Fundamentally, your conclusion must imitate back, which has been talked about before. You don't have to include whatever other data in the conclusion part of the paper. The primary purpose of conclusion is to total up all what you have composed previously. Conclusion writing is not troublesome, if that you have composed your article without anyone else's input.

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