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Is SHAD worth it?
Hi all,
So SHAD application is rolling around and I was wondering if it is worth it. Like do Universites actually like this or is it fun at least? Also, do you have to live on campus for SHAD or can you commute there? 

Basically, can anyone tell me is SHAD worth it? That is my main question.
How do you repair an iPod Touch that underwent water damage
Hello there, I know this discussion is not related to anything about school or scholarships, but I really need some advice on how to fix an iPod that has water damage. 

The iPod is still fully functional, except that the water evaporated behind the backlit screen and I believe some LED lights burned out. Should I continue charging the iPod on a daily basis or would that be dangerous (considering short circuits and stuff alike)?

Also, does soaking the iPod in uncooked white rice overnight help?
Med school ABROAD!
What are your guys' opinions on pursuing medical school abroad in places like St Georges, Saba, Australia, USA etc... ??

Cause if I didn't get accepted to med school in Canada, I'm strongly considering going abroad, and definitely staying there (cause it is sooo hard, I've heard if you try to come back to Canada after completing med school somewhere else)

Do you guys think that's wise? Anyone with experience?

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Concurrent Education at Queens

I had a quick question. For Concurrent Education Arts, there are two types of programs; one at the BISC and one at Queens. If you apply to both, will they most-likely not accept you at Queens because they have limited spots and they want to send whoever they can to the BISC because of space? If anyone can reply it would be a big help!
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UTM Education Studies
Is education studies a good program at UTM? What is a good course to specialize in for this program during third year (for anyone who has taken this or knows anything about it) ?
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UTM Humanities
Would anyone be able to suggest a course of action for me? I am looking into enrolling in Education Studies for first year and wanted to know what would be the best way to get the most out of this degree? I was thinking of combining this program with a social science such as sociology so I can increase my options overall. If I had to choose between education studies and sociology, which one do you think would benefit me the most (or would be the combination be better)? I have been told that sometimes it is difficult to do much with degrees in this category, so would any senior students be able to tell me what they have done and what career options they are looking into? Thanks in advance!
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french high school
Is it worth taking french every year in high school? My marks are around high 80s low 90s and I’m not exactly sure what I want to pursue.
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Will I get into Harvard with my 62 average?
So recently, Ive been having dreams on going to Harvard. I think Harvard is a very cool school because its filled with great minded people. I also heard there are some chicks there too. So I was wondering if I can get into Harvard with my 62 average. 
Advanced Functions - 56%
English - 55%
Food and Nutrition - 150%
Calculus - 20%
Biology - 39%
Chemistry - 54%
I know I'm not the greatest mind, but Steve Jobs went to Harvard and dropped out to make Facebook. Look at him now. He's a billionaire. He wasn't the most brilliant minded but he still went to Harvard but dropped out to make Facebook. So guys, do think I can make it to Harvard with my Grade 12 marks? I feel like I can because Steve Jobs did it. Please don't post mean comments because it will hurt me and make me cry.

Harvard has rejected me. :( Its honestly sad. I had so much goals that I wanted to accomplish at Harvard. On the bright side, I GOT ACCEPTED TO UCLA IN LOS ANGELOS, CALIFORNIA!!!  I got accepted for Women Studies program. Who needs Harvard, when you can get accepted to UCLA for Woman Studies!!! Thanks for all your support and prayers for me trying to get into Harvard!! 
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University Transfer Averages
I've applied to Western Engineering and McMaster Engineering from another university and I understand they treat the averages from other Universities differently than they do HS students' averages. Does anyone know about what the difference in equivalent percentages would be comparing an HS average vs a University Transfer Average?  
I've heard its about 7-8% difference, but I've also heard 4-5% and up to 12% so I am not too sure.  
I currently have an 85.3% average coming from another Engineering Program at another University.
Easiest course at Virtual High School?
Anyone know what course I should take online to boost my average? Can anyone share experiences with the course they took? Do universities accept courses from outside of day school?
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Basically i applied for  e-learning in October, it is February now i still have not received confirmation of enrollment. My guidance Councillor told me that i am on the wait list. and that the last day to get enrolled in e-learning is march 5th 2018. Has anyone ever been wait-listed for that long or had this type of a problem please help Thanks
It is really harder to get and maintain a high average at a larger university as opposed to a smaller one?
I have heard that is is harder to get a good average at a larger school like U of T or McGill as opposed to schools like Brock, Lakehead and UOIT.  Why is that so? Should I go for the larger program or a smaller program where the class sizes are smaller. Thanks!

Also, I have gotten into life science and Biomedical Engineering programs if that matters. I hope to pursue graduate studies depending on how things go. 
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Are all "U" classes equal
My school requires us to take 4 religion courses, and I'm pretty sure my religion mark will be in my top 6 for my average. 

If for example, me and another kid are hypothetically fighting for the last spot in a program, but we are so similar, including average, if his top 6 had the same 5 as mine but say a science class instead of a religion class, would he be accepted before me? 

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Queens University Concurrent Education Offers of Admission
As schools are beginning to give out offers of admission, this discussion is for students who have applied for Concurrent Education at Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario. Please indicate if you have been accepted, including the date you were accepted, your grade and where you're from. I'm nervously waiting  to hear back and I really hope I get accepted. GOOD LUCK TO EVERYONE!!
Queens Life Sciences vs Mac health sciences vs Brock med sciences + med plus
Hey everyone! I am interested in these programs and have searched through many discussions yet they left me further confused. I hope some of you can provide input on what you think is the better program and why. As well as any advice you have to offer :)

a little bit about me; I am a current grade 11 student. I hope to one day be a doctor (my backups are working for my dad's company as a financial advisor or teaching science to elementary kids). I currently have a 90% average. I have done a 5-month co-op placement at my local hospital to make sure health care is for me. I am in a French program as well as the health SHSM. 

I also apologize for adding to the constantly growing amount of discussions on pre-med programs

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not sure if i should apply to the top schools.

i  go to Mary Ward and I have an 81 average currently because my marks dropped because I slacked a bit and rushed to hand in some assignments.
I'm also struggling with math, but I just did a test today and I saw an improvement in myself..
I have until mid February  to raise up my marks.

my current marks are

functions - 70
calculus and vectors - 78
english - 74
religon - 82 
accounting 80 
psychology 100
international business 83 

English used to be a low 80 average
religion used to be a 93 average
international business used to be a 90 average
I believe I can bring my marks up including maths
but I feel like I'm also being too optimistic about math going up.
 The problem I have with math is silly mistakes and not fully grasping a concept and especially not focusing on the small details I usually skim over.

I'm prolly gonna get shitted on here because majority of threads I see of students posting marks are 90s for business.

the schools I want to apply to are Schulich BBA , utsc BBA, maybe queens but I have a  health problems so  Toronto schools I prefer i guess, Ryerson  AFM, york commerce and maybe rotman

If I'm getting too ahead of myself to maybe being able to raise my overall top 6 average to a low 90
should i just apply to ryerson york and guelph or something then?
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rotman commerce colleges?
I'm confused.
Even if I won't be living on residence I have to apply to one of the colleges but whats the purpose of it? what good does it do? what are the benefits? I heard that some are more prestige than others because of the curriculum or something.
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Physics or Geography?
I'm in Grade 12 right now in BC and I want to go into Sciences in University. I am taking Chem and Biology right now, but I want to take another science just in case. For the university I want to attend, they take the best two sciences. I don't know which I should take, though, for my third course: physics or geography. Which of these courses are harder? I got a 94% last year in physics but don't really have an equivalent class for geo. I'm good at memorizing and understanding concepts like in Bio, too. So which one would I have a better chance at doing well?
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How do university exams differ from high school?
Since it's prime midterms season in university, I'm wondering as a high school student, what are the biggest differences between taking an exam in high school versus in university, in your experience. Every professor will have a different way of administering tests, of course, but what can one expect? Is there much difference between the two?
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Gap Year
I've been thinking of taking a gap year before entering university. Should I still apply during grade 12 or should I apply during my gap year?
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