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I was wondering if I’d have a hard time maintaining AEO status at western if I needed to private school 4 courses in highschool to get in. Would I be better off going to Queens or Schulich?
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Western Ivey Reference
One of my references has been contacted to verify one of my main activities. I thought this was really early for Ivey to do this. Is this a good sign for my application?
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Laurier BBA vs Ryerson Commerce?
I got accepted to both. Which would be a better choice and why? Pros/cons for each? And is the gap between Laurier BBA and QComm/Ivey significant?
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Is Queen's Commerce overpriced?
$hit is crazy expensive compared to a lot of other programs. I know QComm is a top-tier program, but is it really worth that nearly $20k per year price tag (plus around $10k for residence)? Do QComm grads get jobs no other grads from other schools get?
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Hey guys, I'm planning to apply to Queens' Commerce program! Take a look at my personal information, and let me know if I have a chance of getting in!

If you are also interested in the program, please post the following:
-Projected Grade 12 average
-Grade 11 average
-Other schools of interest
-When you hear back from the university (acceptance/rejection)

If you are currently/was in the program, please leave some tips and share your averages/ECs in the comments.

A bit about myself...
-Projected Grade 12 average: 92%-95%
-Grade 11 average: 92.6% (includes ICS4U (90%), HRE4M (95%), and MHF4U (97%))
-ECs: VP of 2 Clubs/Councils, member of a local youth council, was a lifeguard/swim instructor.
-Also interested in: UW/WLU BBA/BMath, Rotman Comm, UW AFM, WLU BBA, and Schulich BBA.

Good luck to everyone applying!!
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First Year in Laurier BBA
Hi everyone! I'm a first year at Laurier in the BBA program and I know how useful yconic is. Please feel free to ask anything about the program or any other questions you may have!
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UBC SAUDER 2019 Acceptances
I thought that it would be helpful to have a thread about acceptances to Sauder School of Business '19! Please include location, date applied/date of acceptance, averages, and quality of ec's/video interview (:
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My chances of a decent business school? Grade 12 student worried (Accounting)
Current average for 1st sem

 Advanced Functions 85

 English 82 (EXPECTED to increase to a 85)

 Business Leadership 90

 Economics 85 

 + Decent Ec's 

 AVRG 85.5, Im anticipating to work even harder next sem and bring my avrg to the 87-89 range Im applying to Ryerson, Rotman, UTM, UTSC BBA COOP, York (not schlich), and Degroote. What are my chances at these business schools? Im so worried, as I have been putting a 100 percent everyday. Thanks for your time.
Queens Commerce 2019
Hey Guys,
I just wanted to start the Queens Commerce 2019 thread. Its February so I think it's a good time. 

Anyways, state the usual, Grade 12 top 6 projected average, grade 11 finals average and ecs. 
But now that its feb, what y'all write for ur commerce essays like generally. 
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Hi everyone, applications for Queen's Commerce are just about to begin! 

Post the following: 
- Grade 11 average and projected grade 12 average and whether or not you are a Chancellor Nominee 
- EC's 
- The date you applied and/or got accepted 
- Other universities of interest 

Making up ECs on Queen's PSE
How easy is it to lie on the PSE and just create ECs you never did? Is there any real way for them to verify anything? And who would you put as a verifier? Just wondering because I know people who are doing this.
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Grade 11 student looking for EC advice
I am currently a grade 11 student and I just finished my first semester. I averaged around 90% and now I think it's a good time to start refining my EC's or other areas in my academic life. I am looking to apply to Queens, York, Laurier, McMaster, and maybe Ryerson. I am interested in commerce/business programs at each university. Currently, I have some standard EC's.

I write for the school newspaper, I am a lifeguard, and volunteer at the local food bank. But I always hear about QComm students (and other students from accredited business programs) being accepted with amazing EC's and I was wondering if there was any advice anyone could give me. Any EC recommendations I can start or pick up now since I still have about a year before I apply. Any good habits/tips would be appreciated as well. Areas to focus on would be appreciated as well.
Queen's Commerce Acceptances 2019
Does anyone know when the first round of admissions are coming out for commerce??
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ASK ME ANYTHING !! (currently a UBC Sauder student)
Hello everyone!

I can totally understand how stressful it is to apply to universities. That is why I am here to help! 

Last year, I applied to commerce programs at UBC, U of T, SFU, Queens, and Alberta. Feel free to ask me any questions you have about the applications for the above uni; as well as any general questions that you may have. 

If you need tips or help with writing personal essays for uni and stuff, I am also the go to person for that :D 

I hope you all can get into your dream school ! 

OUAC 105 D Application
Hi, I am applying to university using the OUAC 105D application and am almost done my application. The part in which it asks for 'Academic Background' it says if my school is eligible for submitting a transcript electronically, I can make a request for that. I have a few questions regarding this.

My first question is however, how long will it take for the OUAC to receive my transcript electronically? Also just to make sure, will that same electronic transcript be used for my university application to my university program choices?

My other question is regarding which school I choose to request my transcript from. I graduated high school from L'Amoreaux Collegiate Institute in 2017. I had attended night school courses at Albert Campbell Collegiate Institute & Winston Churchill Collegiate Institute to upgrade some courses right after graduating. The most recent school I attended was in 2018 this year and I was enrolled in a day school program at Scarborough Center for Alternative Studies. My question is which school do i request my transcript from?
hey so idk if i really have the ec's for queens commerce but just wanted to see if anyone has any advice...
expected average: 91-93%
ecs: part time job at a library where i am a senior page who trains the new employees (since grade 10), volunteer at habitat for humanity restore (started this summer), volunteer at the theatre as an usher (since grade 10 but i do it infrequently), volunteer for the town at events (only gr9 and 10), apart of my school's HOSA, yearbook club, and student council (but i hold no executive positions). 

is there any shot of me getting in? i am a decent writer so i could definitely try to make these seem like big contributions and efforts. Does paid employment even count as ECs? Is it bad that I dont have any great awards from the past 4 years that i have received? Could I include conferences that I have been to such as laurier's leadership in business conference as an EC? I think i am just too average to get in....

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Chancellor Nomination Questions
I recently received the Chancellor Nomination from my school and I have a couple of questions regarding it.  

Since I am applying as a Chancellor Nominee, do I still need to complete a PSE and SE because I am applying for the Commerce program? If so, do I need to submit the PSE and SE by December 1 (deadline for Chancellor nomination application)?  

From doing some research, in past years it seems as though the nomination helps a lot in receiving a regular offer (especially for the commerce program). Is this still true for this year as well?

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Anyone else applying to Queen's commerce for the upcoming 2019-2020 school year? What are your ECs like? Projected gr 12 grades? Good luck and I hope to see you all next year!
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Queen's Chancellor Scholarship
Anyone else applying to Queen's Chancellor? What programs are you going for? Is it true that if you are a chancellor nominee you have a higher chance of getting into competitive programs like Commerce?
Ask a second year Rotman Commerce student anything!
As the school year is about to start, I figured I would do an AMA to help the incoming class prepare for the ass whoopin they're about to get at Rotman. Jk.. kinda. All jokes aside, ask me anything (my experience, social life, academics, etc) and I'll do my best to answer. 

Bit about me:
- Going into second year 
- I'm an accounting specialist
- Managed to achieve a GPA above 3.7 in my first year 
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Rotman Commerce
I was wondering how cut offs work and what my chances of getting into Roman is as of now. I know can bring my overall average (excluding advanced functions as it's not a pre requisite) to 92% by second semester midterms. Will they reject my application before those mid term marks as my first semester average is only a 80.5%. I know I can get a 97 in data and accounting and 90 in Calculus if I try hard enough. I kinda slacked off with AF, it's not difficult for me but it's just that I always put it to last minute to learn the material. 

 English-79 (Fast tracked in summer) 
Current Sem 1 Marks: 
Law: 92 
International Business: 91
Advanced Functions: 65 

Sem 2: 
Data Management - 
Accounting -

Deca Regionals Finalist 
Law and Debate 
Stock Investment Club 
Part-Time Job
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Wondering of what school I could get into for business? Thinking of Laurier. I have an average of anywhere between 88-92% while taking both maths in private school
Some of my projected marks:
Advanced(Private school): 95%
Calculus: 94%
International buisness: 90-97%
English: 82-84%
Accounting: 70% - not looking to add this in my top 6
Fitness leadership: 88-95% (next semester)
Investment and finance: 84% (next semester)

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