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Gen Y State of Mind, 2014 study

Monday, May 26, 2014 | Written by: yconic Staff

This comprehensive 2014 GenY Attitudes research study is a product of a three-way partnership and collaboration between the Globe and Mail, yconic and Abacus Data Inc.

The study was completed to measure attitudes, perceptions and the behaviours of Canadian Millennials on a range of topics. These topics include:

  • The Millennial State of Mind – addressing satisfaction with life, generational pressures, values and goals at work; priorities and work/life balance
  • GenY Financials and Paying for Post-secondary education – identifying sources of funding for tuition such as parental support, summer employments and savings
  • Achieving Financial Independence – reporting current and anticipated debt levels; spenders vs. savers; living situation
  • Home Ownership – attitudes on buying a home; planning, and awareness of costs associated with home ownership
  • Retirement Planning – attitudes on savings and expected age for retirement

The survey results include data from the GenY State of Mind section of the study. 

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